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New to Yoga?

This bundle is the perfect place to begin an at home yoga practice! Before you know it you’ll be moving & breathing with safety & with expert alignment!

With over 5 hours of curated content, FORM yoga owner, Mandy Roberts will offer tips, techniques & insights for those looking to begin a yoga practice. You’ll keep access to all the content so you can explore learning at your own pace.

mandy roberts yoga instructor retreat leader
Together We’ll Explore
Bonus Content:

In this affordable and informative bundle you’ll also receive access to 4 beginner-friendly yoga classes, a simple beginner-friendly guided meditation and the 31 page, Yoga 101 guide. The guide explores the history of yoga and how yoga became popularized, reasons why yoga is so beneficial, written pranayama exercises, FAQ’s and an extensive pose library complete with photos, written alignment, prop suggestions and pose modifications.