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200 hour yoga teacher training + immersion 2024


Whether your aim is to deepen your personal practice and knowledge of Yoga or to learn how to share it with others, this comprehensive Yoga  teacher training and immersion, steeped in playful self development practices will set your soul on fire. 


Join our studio owner Mandy Roberts for this powerful, leadership focused, life altering experience into the magic and transformative teachings of Yoga.


We believe it starts with asking good questions, like the one above. Our 200 hour training focuses on supporting you to discover and uncover ways to connect to yourself first and foremost. With a curriculum steeped in personal development, coupled with the ancient wisdom of Yoga, you’ll be supported to uncover your unique gifts and lead with confidence over the course of this life-altering experience.  Our approach to this transformative journey is authentic, co-creative and embodied (and so, so much more!).



We will deepen our awareness and explore our patterns through the lens of self-development. We will practice playfully to form a deeper sense of connection to our own authority, gifts, and our vocation in the world. We will explore our relationship to our personal power as we mindfully inhabit our body with ease and acceptance. With heartfelt engagement we will share these life-changing teachings by simply being who we are (or by teaching others if that’s your plan!).


We will become creative participants of life. As we each join in the conversation of Yoga we will experience a deep dive into Yoga as a living, breathing, and evolving art form with its roots in ancient wisdom teachings. We will practice being students together, asking questions, and deeply listening to ourselves and each other. We will practice being compassionately alive in our bodies. We will learn to collaborate with ourselves, our students, and the world around us.


We will re-discover our authentic selves. On this journey we will discover our strengths, learn how to overcome our roadblocks to growth, and hone our authentic voice. Through the teachings of Yoga we will learn to tune into ourselves and harness our passion and purpose. From this place we will step into our full potential to lead from the heart, speaking our truth and sharing our greatest gifts with the world.



I waited for years to do my YTT until I found the “right” teacher, and there is no question Mandy was worth the wait. She is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, and brings concepts to life in a way that instills deep understanding — always infused with a healthy dose of humor! Mandy provided me with a solid foundation to feel confident teaching, while still allowing me the freedom to find my own voice and stay true to myself along the way. She embodies creativity and compassion, and cares about each student deeply. Mandy’s belief in me propelled me forward and I could not be more grateful. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

– APRIL BLACK, former FORM yoga teacher

“Through YTT I learned to love and have confidence in my body as it is! I learned how to use my breath in hard spaces by breathing in hard poses. Mandy taught me that Yoga is a practice on the mat so that I have tools to use off the mat. Mandy taught me that for most things, I should focus on what’s optimal rather than what’s right or wrong. The decision to take YTT was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and by extension my family. I am a better person for being Mandy’s student.”

– Tennielle Bailey, form yoga member

“I wasn’t necessarily going to teach Yoga when I signed up for YTT. But something happened during the months of learning, training, and practicing. Mandy devoted 100% of her attention and authenticity to our training weekends, making our classes a safe place to explore, play, and be vulnerable. Her guidance allowed for my own personal discovery and clearing of my path forward.  I now teach yoga in studio, online, and with private clients. Did yoga teacher training change my life? Absolutely, because I was willing to jump in and had a safe place to land! If you are at all considering investing in yoga teacher training with Mandy Roberts, even if you don’t know if you’re going to teach yoga, I highly recommend doing it!

– alisa lewis, form yoga teacher

“Working with Mandy to achieve my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification was a life changing experience. Mandy is not just an instructor in the realm of yoga- she became a spiritual guide and a light in my life, she shifted my way of thinking and better prepared me for life’s challenges, she is an incredible storyteller, and a genuine, authentic, funny, beautiful soul. Transformational is the only way to describe my time spent with Mandy in her program. ”

– Meghan Bayersdorfer , form yoga student

This sounds amazing!…But what if I just want to deepen my practice & I don’t plan to be a yoga teacher?

A: Then this training is still for you! We believe that we should always follow our heart and if this training sounds amazing then there is something calling you here. Our focus is on personal enrichment and deepening the connection to yourself and the world around you. In fact, the majority of our applicants are here to learn and grow. Some decide to teach but all walk away transformed. Even if you have no plans of teaching yoga this training will be a deeply life-affirming experience. And hey…who knows where life may lead you in the future?!

A: Absolutely. We designed this training to be a deep dive into personal development. You’ll learn embodied tools and techniques to enhance your own life (because as light workers, we’re called to grow) and offer greater benefits to those you currently serve. Our programs often include many people in helping professions other than just yoga. Your presence in circles like this deepens the experience for everyone!

A: We always trust divine timing…And we’d love to have you even if you are already a yoga teacher! In fact, many of our programs are filled with yoga teachers looking to go a step beyond and enhance their offerings in new ways. We created this training in response to what we saw and heard was needed in our beloved national yoga community, and we are 100% sure you’ll experience new depths of self-knowledge, inspiration and empowerment (not to mention our amazingly supportive, sincere, abundance-minded community)!

A: Our training is based in alignment and you will be guided through alignment practices which are energetic, physical and emotional. Yoga is a living and breathing art form and together we will explore this ancient practice with innovation and curiosity. While we focus the asana on alignment based postures, you will be guided through exploring & teaching multiple styles of asana including breath based flow, stretch, restorative as well as how to teach all levels of students including beginners, those with limitations. During this experience we will guide you into discovering your gifts and talents in teaching as well as help you uncover your unique teaching style and authentic voice. How amazing is that?!

A: Absolutely not. We will dive into the practices together and come out on the other side able to levitate! All kidding aside, you are in great hands with our expert facilitators and by the end of our time together you will be amazed at how you and your practice will shift, grow and change. That said, for your own benefit we do suggest a minimum of 6 months of a steady weekly asana practice prior to beginning this training.

A: Due to the demand of this sort of in depth training we get this question a lot! Our facility is located a short 20 minute drive from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. With our weekend sessions and plentiful lodging options nearby you will be able to view each weekend as a little getaway. If you are traveling for the training feel free to message us and we will do our best to support you. If you are hoping to attend remotely please email us at, we would love to explore this option with you!

A: Absolutely! We would love to get the opportunity to work together to offer the gifts of yoga to everyone. Because of this we have a few BIPOC & LGBTQ+ partial scholarships available. Please email us at to inquire.

A: We understand that sometimes conflicts come up, including unexpected illness. While we encourage your participation as much as possible, we will offer notes and resources of any sessions missed. Please note that if you miss a session additional homework & quizzes may be assigned to for you to complete. If needed or requested make-up hours will be available from one of our senior instructors at an additional cost.

A: We wanted to keep the training straightforward, cost effective and affordable so we cover pretty much everything!

You’ll be responsible for transportation to FORM yoga as well as bringing your own yoga mat, food, drinks, and snacks. All yoga props will be available to use while training in studio. Some of you may wish to purchase your own props to use at home.

Our extensive library of on-demand classes will be provided to you from home practice. If you wish to practice with us in studio beyond your training you’ll need to purchase classes.

You’ll need to purchase the required reading materials for your use during our training (new or used). Note: These required books will be our favorite, most impactful sources perfect to grow your own soulful and inspirational library as a teacher or student of yoga!

A: Wonderful! Now get ready, because your life is about to change for the better! Be sure to send us your application and your deposit and we’ll be in touch soon.


MANDY ROBERTS, (she/her)
Experienced Yoga Teacher, Studio Owner, & Community Leader
Lead Teacher

FORM yoga Creative Director & Owner

The inspiration and driving force behind Atlanta’s FORM {yoga} Mandy is always learning, adapting and growing. As a studio owner Mandy has built a beautiful, inclusive community that focuses on empowerment, trust and connection. As a single mom, Mandy leads by example teaching her two kids to (playfully) grab life by the horns and to live life to the fullest. And as a yoga teacher and retreat leader Mandy encourages her students to face their fears in class, online and out in the world while exploring humility, playfulness and laughter.

Finding yoga in 2004, Mandy had no idea she was embarking on a life-long journey of personal growth. Her divorce just a few years later was the catalyst for a complete dissolution of her former life and the beginning of what is now FORM {yoga}. 

At that point life led her into a new career teaching yoga and owning a yoga studio {yep, it really did happen that way}. During the extremely challenging times surrounding her divorce Mandy found that the teachings of yoga were one of the only things that could help her keep her focus on moving forward and choosing life.

A graduate of the 12-month Urban Priestess movement, Mandy is always looking to deepen her connection with the Divine found in all of creation. A lover of all energies psycho-spiritual and subtle, she has studied Pranic Healing with Master Stephen Co, the Enneagram with Russ Hudson, Intuitive Development with Janet Raftis, and Yoga & Functional Movement with Mitchel Bleier. In addition Mandy has studied yoga with numerous accomplished national and international teachers from various traditions. More recently Mandy is honored to be a virtual teacher of online videos through GatherYoga. Mandy is twice a Lululemon Athletica ambassador in Atlanta and represented Atlanta at the Lululemon Ambassador Summit in Whistler. She has been a proud presenter at the Dirty South Yoga Fest, the Atlanta Women’s Foundation Yogathon, Wigwam Health and Wellness Festival, and a co-chair of the first annual Atlanta Yoga Rave.

You can find Mandy in Decatur, Georgia, teaching her weekly classes at FORM {yoga}. When not teaching you can find her writing for her blog, galavanting around the world, leading yoga retreats, drinking wine and eating delicious food.


We will meet over the course of these 12 weekends in 2024:

April 19-21
May 3-5
May 17-19
May 31-June 1
June 28-30
July 12-14
July 26-28
August 9-11
September 6-8
September 20-22
October 4-6
October 18-20


Each week’s schedule:

5pm – 9pm
1pm – 7:30pm
1pm – 4pm
*Please note: While we strongly recommend that all trainees attend all sessions in-person to get the most out of the curriculum, in certain circumstances (i.e. illness, family emergency) notes will be provided. Please note: If missing a session, quizzes and additional work may be required to ensure that each student has viewed those lessons. In addition to the listed dates, trainees are encouraged to attend 2 classes a week in-studio or through our On-Demand platform. This is not a requirement, but is highly recommended to help integrate the material.

Payment Plan Available!

A $500 deposit is required with all applications. This fee is refundable if we determine this training is not appropriate for you at this time. Once you are accepted this fee is applied as a credit to your tuition, at which time it is non-refundable and your space will be confirmed. Please submit your application via the button below. Receipt of your application and application fee secures your early bird tuition pricing.

Payment plans are available in installments or you may pay the balance in full. Due to the intimate nature of this training all installment and balance payments are non-refundable. Payment is due in full by April 10 1, 2024.

Successful completion of all assignments and scheduled teacher training hours (live or makeup) is required in order to graduate and receive your certification. Exceptions to live attendance may be made for special circumstances and emergencies at the discretion of our program directors; however, any missed hours must be made up and may incur additional fees if they require the presence of a teacher trainer.

Take the first step to transforming your every day.

“Enrolling in YTT at FORM Yoga was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  I could not have asked for a better teacher and mentor to have on this journey than Mandy.  She offered so much knowledge, wisdom and compassion throughout the training, so that by the end, I felt very prepared and confident in my ability to lead my own yoga class. In fact, I am now a teacher at FORM!  

Mandy has many gifts as a teacher, but one of her best is helping other hopeful teachers find their own gifts and strengths. Thanks to her expert guidance and support, I was able to find my voice as a teacher and completed the training as a stronger, more confident yogi, teacher and human. “

– katie may, form yoga teacher


Message us directly with your questions.