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We are honored to share our incredible array of teachers, from many schools of yoga. Each teacher is encouraged to bring their own unique style and personality to the studio and to teach from an authentic place.

What people are saying

"I had a wonderful experience! The space is cozy. The teacher’s voice was great, very comforting and a beautiful tone! My body felt great after the recharge and restore class!"
"I came to yoga hoping to learn how to illuminate areas for personal expansion both on and off the mat. Your studio allows me to do that in a myriad of ways and I discover what I need through the thoughtful teachings of your instructors. I’ve become more self aware in my roles of daughter, wife, mother, friend."
"This place is AMAZING. Recommend to anyone. I am a beginner and it’s really challenging me but I am also very comfortable being a newbie. "



Mandy Roberts

FORM Yoga & Soul Nourish Retreats
Owner/Creative Director/Senior Retreat Leader

Mandy’s passion is to bring an expression of liveliness and authenticity to each of her students in studio, on retreat and out in the world. Leaving dogma at the door, she encourages you to face your fears and to go deep into what moves you. Mandy’s classes are a sweet {and often sweaty} celebration of life expressed through asana, music, and storytelling. She loves to embody sacred playfulness on the mat, gently exploring and encouraging ideas and poses to challenge and empower her students.

Amanda Burtch FORM yoga
Amanda Burtch
Studio Manager & Teacher

In 2012 Amanda was led to yoga out of her curiosity while in the midst of some big life changes. She was experiencing a great deal of anxiety from these changes and heard that yoga was good for reducing stress. After a year of wobbling around in her living room to beginners DVDs and VHS tapes (remember those?), she landed a job for a wellness-based company that led her down a path to learn more about yoga and to connect with teachers and practitioners...

Misty McClain
Misty McClain

Misty found yoga shortly after recovering from an Anterior Cervical Spinal Fusion. After suffering from chronic pain for more than 3 years that left her feeling weak both mentally and physically, she came to yoga for the physical benefits hoping to relieve pain and gain back strength. As her body became healthier and stronger, she soon discovered that her yoga mat was where she found a mind body connection and self-awareness. Inspired to take her practice further...

Marck Maroun

Marck has always been a yogi and a geologist at heart. He uses his connection to the Earth to ground down before every practice. Adopting yoga as a way of life, not just the physical practice, is key to his happiness.

Twelve years ago, Marck began his yogic path. His initial gravitation towards yoga was strictly physical wellness. Shortly after, he discovered the bond between mind-body and breath.

April Black

April found yoga in 2009 at a gym in Washington, DC where she was teaching group fitness classes. What began as "just another physical pursuit to conquer" has turned into a humbling lifelong practice. Yoga led April back to herself during a period of obsessive exercise, anxiety, and self-loathing.

And even though she knew back then that she wanted to share the gift of yoga with others, she also knew she wasn't ready.

Rebecca Moulton
Rebecca Moulton

Rebecca wandered into her first yoga class in Midtown. What she didn’t know, the studio was just downwind from Krispy Kreme. Coincidentally, the red light came on every morning during savasana, and the room filled with the warm aroma of freshly glazed donuts. She knew it was meant to be.

Fast forward, and her practice led her to the FORM family.

Katie May

Although she had taken yoga classes in the past, Katie did not truly discover her passion for yoga until 2014 when her husband suffered a spinal cord injury and they started taking classes together as a part of his recovery. She quickly fell in love with the physical benefits of strength and flexibility that came with the practice.

Shonali Banerjee

Since 1995 Shonali has found solace, strength & expansion through yoga. Shonali was 500 hour certified in 2002 (right after a bicycle accident!) in NYC with Alan Finger's ISHTA yoga program. After moving to Paris, France in 2004, Shonali did further study in India & Europe focusing on therapeutics & women's health with TKV Desikachar and taught yoga full time.

DeKeely Atkins

DeKeely’s yoga practice began when her sister-in-law invited her to come along to a hot yoga class to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Once she stepped foot on her mat, she was hooked! With degrees in health and exercise science and public health, she was always engaged in fitness. But DeKeely knew yoga was different.

Kate Smith
Kate Smith

Kate’s classes are thoughtful, balanced, playful, and nurturing. She grew up in Macon, GA, home to Otis Redding, James Brown, Little Richard, and the Allman Brothers Band, and her mom (a genealogy wiz) says she’s distantly related to Johnny Cash. How cool is that? With ‘The Man In Black’ literally in her blood, music plays an important role in the tone of Kate’s classes.

Tra Kirkpatrick FORM yoga teacher
Tra Kirkpatrick

Tra was led to yoga in the spring of 1998 when unexpectedly coming upon an open house at a local yoga studio. The timing could not have been more serendipitous for Tra, who had spent her teen years and much of young adulthood hiding from her pain by numbing out with food and drugs. Unhappy, unhealthy, and unbalanced (and damned near completely unhinged), this time of Divine Discontent, as Tra now calls it, introduced her to the practice of yoga.

Alisa Lewis Form yoga teacher
Alisa Lewis

When Alisa found yoga, she discovered a spark that quickly lit her up. At the age of forty-two she was astonished that at yoga class, people her own age were busting out backbends and headstands like it was no big deal.

They were moving and flowing with the simple beauty of dancers. But they did not seem to be there just for the cool poses. They seemed to KNOW things.

Madison Best

Madison Best is an E-RYT 500 who first started yoga after graduating college when she was feeling a bit lost. After that first class, she knew she would continue with it for the rest of her life. For Madison, yoga was more than just physical exercise. It was a means of empowerment through outward expression and inner awareness. It helped her reconnect to herself through honesty, self-reflection, sometimes struggle, but above all, love.

Leah Gilbert
Leah Gilbert

Leah discovered yoga in 2003, just before she started medical school, and it quickly became her release. While she was initially attracted to the movement of yoga as a dancer in her younger days, she quickly grew to love the philosophy of yoga as a tool for living well. She found a wonderful studio in Chapel Hill, NC where she could practice Vinyasa, Anusara, Ashtanga, and Power Yoga.

gina minyard form yoga
Gina Minyard
Guest Teacher

Gina weaves yoga’s wisdom with life’s ever-unfolding process, bringing it alive and experientially embodied through breath, muscle, and bone, creating a rich and magically alchemical experience through her teaching. Dynamic alignment principles, intelligent sequencing, and thematic metaphor infuse her engaging instruction, with a presence that is weighty, compassionate, and inviting.

Heather Freiman FORM yoga
Heather Freiman
Guest Teacher

Heather enjoys teaching dynamic alignment-based Hatha yoga classes. She integrates longer holds with flowing movement to challenge, re-energize, and balance the body and mind. She is a versatile instructor with classes designed to be accessible to all levels - students are invited to go deeper with skillful alignment cues, props, and other modifications. She asks students to harness their inner strength and push the edge of what they thought was possible, while staying mindful and compassionate to themselves!