Join Our Monthly Wild Women Moon Circles

I am so thrilled to be offering Wild Women Moon Circles at FORM Yoga each month. I’ve found that when women circle together at the new moon and plant seeds of intention, powerful things happen.

Powerful things happened for me personally when I started attending women’s circles.

For more than 14 years I worked in the corporate world in marketing & PR. I was stressed out and always felt like there must be something better, some better way to live and work. In the corporate world, so often women are pitted against each other. It was hard to make friends or feel supported when I was essentially “competing” with my co-workers all the time for raises, promotions and recognition. But I felt stuck in the corporate rat race and didn’t see a way out.

My outlook on life and work started to change drastically when I went through yoga teacher training in 2013. Although not an official “circle” of women our teacher trainee group (majority women) was incredibly supportive. We held each other up and cheered each other on. We wanted to see one another succeed. I had never experienced this kind of camaraderie ever before. I began to see that life didn’t have to be a constant race or competition.

In 2016, a huge shift happened when I attended a Soul Nourish Retreats Women’s Weekend. It was the first time I had ever officially “circled” with a group of women. I was astonished at just how much each women in the circled “showed up.” We shared our deepest, most personal feelings, fears, frustrations, hopes and dreams. We felt safe with each other and most importantly HEARD.

How often do we take the time to listen to one another? And as women, I feel like we often struggle to be truly heard, especially in the workplace.

Shortly after that retreat, a fellow retreat participant began leading her own women’s circles through the Wild Woman Project. Craving more connection and support, I began attending circles or listening to online virtual circles when I couldn’t be there in person. Through these circles, I began to set clear and thoughtful intentions with the new moon. These intentions helped me reshape my life into something that aligned more closely with my values and beliefs. I was so inspired, I embarked on my own training with the Wild Woman Project to lead circles in our community.

Through the support of the women in circle, I was able to gain the courage to leap from the corporate world and start my own freelance PR business that would give me more freedom and control over my own schedule. I set a clear deadline to leave my job and the women in the circle were so incredibly supportive (and even sent me good vibes and notes of encouragement on the day I turned in my notice!).

It’s also powerful to have the support of other women during hard times. Last October, I suffered a miscarriage and it was a devastating experience. I don’t think I would have survived if I didn’t have a community of women who were there with their hands at my back when I needed it most.

That’s the best part of circle to me, the COMMUNITY we co-create together. When we circle, we are all connected and we form strong bonds with other like-minded women that will stay with us for a lifetime.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the circle experience. I hope you will join me and co-create a circle community at FORM yoga!



What the heck is a Wild Women Circle anyway?

It is, quite literally, a circle of women. Each month, we meet in the studio (and yes, sit in a circle) at the new moon to explore a theme inspired by the astrological placement of the Moon. The Circle consists of guided meditation, visualization and intention-setting based on the theme of the month. Think of the circle as a monthly deep connection with yourself and other women – a sacred meeting of souls.

Why “Wild”? Are we going to dance naked in the moonlight?

The circle is an opportunity to reconnect with the wild, untamed heart within. Women were once extremely connected to nature, to the earth and to the moon (we used to cycle each month with the moon cycle). Today, with modern technology and our culture of “busy” we’re increasingly disconnected from our natural state. We take this time each month to reconnect with our more natural state of being. However, you’ll have to save your naked moonlight dancing for when you get home.

Why only the new moon?

The new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. It’s a time of growth and a powerful time to plant seeds, both metaphorical and physical (biodynamic farmers plant at the new moon). The new moon is a good time to turn inward, reevaluate visions and goals and set new intentions for the cycle ahead.

Do I need to have a consistent yoga or meditation practice to attend?

Not at all. We don’t do much movement, maybe a little bit of stretching tops (though, sometimes dance parties may break out). We focus mainly on visualization and meditation. All meditation is guided, so don’t be intimidated if you’ve never meditated before. All you need to know how to do is sit and breathe. I’ll help you do the rest.

What should I bring/wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can sit in for a while on the floor. You are welcome to bring your yoga mat to sit on, but we also have bolster, blankets and blocks to help you sit comfortably. If you need to sit in a chair, please let us know in advance and I’ll have one for you.

Also, bring a journal and a pen.

Do I have to be a certain religion?

No, this circle is non-denominational and open to all that identify as women, no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs.

Do I have to “share”?

Although sharing is always optional, we offer an incredibly safe and supportive environment. This is a “no judgement zone” and we want to foster a circle where each woman has a space to feel truly heard. Also, our circles are like Vegas – what happens in circle, stays in circle.

Why only 18 people?

Due to the sharing-nature of our circle, we limit the number of our participants to be mindful of time. Fun fact: 18 is also a sacred number in many cultures and religions. In Tarot, the number 18 is often associated with the moon, the moon being a symbol of mystery and intuition.

What is the cost? Why do FORM members have to pay?

The circle is $10 for members of FORM Yoga and $15 to drop-in. Because of the amount of preparation that goes into each circle, these sessions are more like mini-workshops than regular yoga classes. Because of the limited seats in each circle, we wanted to ensure that those that want to attend can sign up and hold their spot. The other two Wild Women Project circles in Atlanta also charge a registration fee, so we felt this was in line with what is being offered in the city.

We hope to see you Wild Women on Sept. 24 for our next circle!

Rachel Peavy

About Rachel Peavy

Rachel was introduced to yoga at the age of 16 by an 80-year-old yogi named Ruby. Immediately inspired by Ruby’s flexibility and vitality, Rachel set off on her journey to learn about the healing powers of yoga both on and off the mat.

In 2016, Rachel’s dive into self-inquiry deepened while attending a Soul Nourish Retreats Women’s Weekend. There she was introduced to the wisdom of the Enneagram (she’s an Enneagram 9) and meditation techniques that helped her better understand her patterns or samskara. Though labeled “sensitive” as a kid, Rachel discovered through this self-inquiry that she’s actually an intuitive empath who can “feel” the energy of those around her. During this weekend, she also learned that incredibly powerful things happen when women circle together.

A Taurus, Rachel also feels a deep connection with the earth and its wild nature. As a trained WILD Woman Project circle facilitator, She aims to bring women together to help them connect with their divine feminine, empower their wild nature, and nurture their untamed spirit.

Rachel completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Neda Draupadi Honarvar in 2013. She has deepened her practice with 100-hour immersions with Gina Minyard and Elizabeth Rowan. She completed her women’s circle leader training with Chris Maddox of the WILD Woman Project in 2017. Rachel is also certified in Level I and II Usui Reiki and is working to become a Usui Reiki Master.

She lives in Atlanta with her husband, cat, and two giant, fluffy white dogs. She hopes to be practicing yoga, teaching yoga and leading women well into her 80s.