Class Highlight & Student Showcase COMBO

Happy Hour Express FORM yoga class

This student showcase comes from Derek Hambrick, a proud broga practitioner and halfway-decent copywriter who does some of our wordsmithing at FORM{yoga}.

Like many love stories, my relationship with FORM’s Happy Hour Express class was love at first sight (after I read and helped write the class description), which was followed by a healthy amount of second-guessing myself when times got tough. Literally, like when my alarm goes off at 5:20 a.m. for class. But don’t get me wrong…I want Happy Hour Express in my life. I NEED Happy Hour Express in my life. It completes me…on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 a.m.

Heather Freiman is always there, welcoming and more coherent than many of us THE faithful. She’s like a little bit of sunshine just before the dawn…a bit of sunshine that guides you through 45 minutes of moderate vinyasa flow in a low-lit yoga studio.

Heather weaves in plenty of opportunities to go deeper for the more adventurous among us: “If you want to take this pose further, extend your [random appendage] further down your [random area] maybe twisting your [God knows what]…and don’t forget to breathe.” Or summin like that. Anyway, the point is that she understands that we’re all at different levels and she accommodates us while facilitating our growth. What a great teacher. Somebody should bring her an apple. An organic, cage-free apple.

The soundtrack is bitchin, too, with a definite 80s-90s vibe. We’ve been Walking in Memphis, driven in A Fast Car, seen True Colours, faced the fact that we’re Addicted to Love, and more.

So what’s with the “Express” part? After we put the work in, we get out without a long cool-down period. Sure, there’s a savasana, but it’s shorter than you’ve probably come to expect. Think of it as a savasespresso. Any longer than it is and I might doze off. Remember, it’s still still plenty early–you’re outta there by 7 and on with your day.

Happy Hour Express is a big part of making my 2018 a kickass year. So if you’re ready this kind of asskickery, come join us. The traffic’s light. The class is fun. And you’ll get your workout in before most people get outta bed.

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