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We are honored to share our incredible array of teachers, from many schools of yoga. Each teacher is encouraged to bring their own unique style and personality to the studio and to teach from an authentic place.

What people are saying

"I had a wonderful experience! The space is spacious yet cozy. The teacher’s voice was great, very comforting and a beautiful tone! My body felt great after the restorative yoga class! Come, you won't regret it!"
"I came to yoga hoping to learn how to illuminate areas for personal expansion both on and off the mat. Your studio allows me to do that in a myriad of ways and I discover what I need through the thoughtful teachings of your instructors. I’ve become more self aware in my roles of daughter, wife, mother, friend."
"This place is AMAZING. Recommend to anyone. I am a beginner and it’s really challenging me but I am also very comfortable being a newbie. There are classes for any one, really ANY ONE. That is not true of all yoga spaces. Thank you for the safe space to practice."

Meet Our Teachers & Staff


Mandy Roberts

Space Holder & Visionary

Mandy's heartfelt devotion and her sincerity for life are at the forefront of her offerings. Her classes are a sweet {and often sweaty} celebration of life expressed through embodiment, music, and storytelling. Mandy loves to invite her students to embrace sacred playfulness through movement, while weaving alignment and breath to help them to feel strong and centered. More than just another yoga class, Mandy offers her students a yoga experience.

Finding yoga, Mandy had no idea she was embarking on a life-long journey of self-reflection and personal growth. Her divorce just a few years later was the catalyst for a complete dissolution of her former life and the beginning of what is now FORM yoga.

 A stay-at-home mom for many years, the end of her marriage (which felt like the end of her life), was actually the threshold of a beautiful new beginning. 

As Mandy leaned on her yoga practice heavily, it became very clear that she was being nudged toward teaching yoga. In just a few short months she was handed a failing yoga studio, FORM yoga, which even further affirmed her path {yep, it really did happen that way!}. During the challenging times surrounding her divorce and all the challenging times that came after – from raising children to carrying a small business through the challenges of COVID, Mandy found that the teachings of yoga were paramount to her well being. 

Mandy has a unique way of sharing the wisdom she’s gained with vulnerability and openness. Be it in class or through her writing, Mandy repeatedly answers the call to help others by genuinely and openly voicing her heart – thoughtfully sharing her pain, her mistakes, her triumphs, her strengths, and her wisdom. She counts this as one of her greatest gifts in life. 

As a retreat leader Mandy has thousands of hours of experience tenderly guiding her students through their own process of growth and transformation. As a business owner, during the pandemic Mandy provided a much needed sense of community and togetherness, balanced with safety initiatives, placing the well being of the whole community above profit. As a teacher at the front of the room she always shows up with her whole heart and soul and gives you permission to show up with yours.

Over the course of her life Mandy has embraced stretching herself to learn and grow. She has studied yoga with numerous accomplished national and international teachers from various traditions. She has studied Pranic Healing with Master Stephen Co, Enneagram with Russ Hudson and Intuitive Development with Kathy Rosebough and Janet Raftis. In 2017 Mandy spent an entire year immersed in training and certification for the transformational Urban Priestess movement, and in 2020 she completed course work in Ancestral Lineage Healing with Dr. Daniel Foor.  She is a certified Primal Breathwork and Conscious Circular Breathing facilitator under the guidance of Alexa Shackleford. A two-time Lululemon Athletica ambassador Mandy was invited to represent Atlanta at the 2015 Lululemon Ambassador Summit in Whistler, BC. In addition Mandy was a presenter in the 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2023 Dirty South Yoga Fest, the 2015 and the 2016 Atlanta Women’s Foundation Yogathon, the 2015 Wigwam Health and Wellness Festival, and a co-chair of the first annual Atlanta Yoga Rave. 

A lover of expression through writing, Mandy has contributed articles about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to numerous publications over the years. She also lovingly writes an essay to the FORM community each month in our newsletter. Mandy believes her greatest accomplishment in life so far is the supportive and connected community she has created at FORM yoga.

As a mother, Mandy models perseverance and integrity for her children. When she is not at the front of the room teaching, you can find Mandy hanging out around Decatur with her husband Ruan, dancing with the Ecstatic Dance Community of Atlanta, or in-studio as a student – moving and breathing with you.

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Georgia Lynn
Substitute Teacher

Georgia Lynn's classes are a lot of both. Both playful and profound. Mystical and scientific. Ancient and modern. Part kick you in the you-know-what vinyasa flow. Part introspection and deep meditation. Her intention is to create space for you to move through the surface level to connect with something deeper going on here. Georgia Lynn started yoga over 14 years ago. She was looking for a workout. She found so much more. After a divorce flipped her world upside down, she followed a desire to guide others like her that were searching for a more meaningful life. She became a yoga teacher and has been guiding others on their spiritual journeys ever since.

A yoga universalist, Georgia Lynn has studied vinyasa, bhakti, yin, kundalini, children’s yoga, yoga for addiction recovery, and trauma-informed yoga. She has certifications in yoga (500hr RYT, 200hr E-RYT) and reiki energy healing, plus 2000 hours of training in other holistic healing tools. She integrates all of this to provide grounding and expansive support to those around her.

We often underestimate how much we’re doing when we simply show up to our mats. Our practice has a ripple effect. Georgia Lynn’s dream is to create changes for the people in her little corner of the world, to create seismic shifts in the spiritual and emotional tenor of the collective.

Outside of teaching yoga at Form, Georgia Lynn is a coach, healer, entrepreneur, artist, and mother. In her free time, you can find her in the woods, the bath tub, cuddling her cats, or playing board games with her family.

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Ruan De Jager

Studio Manager, Teacher & Master Blanket Folder

Ruan grew up in Thabazimbi, South Africa, a small mining town located in the heart of the bushveld. Surrounded by endless mountain ranges, farms, and wild animals, Ruan spent much of his childhood with bare feet playing out in the bush. Upon entering adulthood Ruan worked his way through college earning an International industrial millwright certification. Using this degree, one of his first jobs was repairing earth moving equipment a couple thousand feet underground. After 6 years working in the dangerous mines, Ruan decided it was time to make a change and follow his heart.

In 2004 Ruan took a bold leap and moved to the US leaving his family and everything he ever knew behind.

Yoga was never in Ruan’s awareness until a doctor recommended yoga to help stabilize his core after suffering with some physical discomfort from years of rugby, weight lifting and running. In January of 2012 Ruan took his first yoga class at a Bikram Yoga studio, he truly had no idea what he was getting himself into. Arriving at his first class late, he walked into a fully packed class. Not seeing a spot, he set up his mat in the only space he saw, diagonally, in the far-right corner. The teacher graciously welcomed him to class (after acknowledging his creative mat setup).

After his rocky start, Ruan still returned to Bikram several times a week. After a year of practice Ruan struck up a casual conversation with another student and learned that there were other styles of yoga that offered more variety than just exploring the same 26 postures in every class. Intrigued, he started seeking out other yoga studios around Atlanta.

In early 2019 Ruan began dating FORM yoga studio owner, Mandy Roberts, who has since become his wife. With a shared love of yoga, Mandy introduced Ruan to the concept of yoga as a path of transformation, not just as exercise. A whole new world was opened to explore!
Ruan opened himself to new ways of practicing and viewing yoga. Just as he was exploring this new found understanding, life threw him a curve ball.

In the early morning hours of October 6, 2021 Ruan was involved in a pileup on 75 north. Though he walked away from the car accident, Ruan suffered a tremendous blow to his lumbar spine. The accident crippled his life and brought him down to his knees. Movement, and even stillness, caused significant pain and discomfort. Ruan started exploring tools and treatments to help alleviate the pain. As time passed it started to become clear that his lifestyle and career needed to change if he ever wanted to fully heal from his injury and experience life pain free again.

Ruan is curious to learn more about how to heal the body, especially through yoga. He is most excited to explore methods of creating core stability as well as functional movement along with the healing power of the breath. Ruan is a graduate of FORM yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Mandy Roberts. His classes blend balance and strength through slow movement with a focus on safety and precise cues. You can catch Ruan at the front desk, tidying the blankets, cracking silly jokes and offering big bear hugs.

Amanda Burtch Form Yoga Decatur
Amanda Burtch
Yoga Therapist & Teacher

As a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and 500hr Yoga Teacher, Amanda is passionate to offer therapeutic applications of yoga that address the whole human experience from the physical body to the spiritual self. Her inquisitive nature is a value that is embedded in her practice and in her teachings as she encourages others to discover the uniqueness of their bodies, breath, and spirit for ultimate well-being. Amanda takes immense care to provide a safe, healing yoga experience with guidance to cultivate joy in everyday life. Her teachings promote compassion, contentment, and curiosity in every experience to foster a sense of inner and outer harmony.

In need of guidance and healing, Amanda began practicing yoga in 2012. Through years of self-discovery and big life obstacles, she realized how important the practice was to her well-being and wanted to bring that source of peace to others. She started teaching in 2017 and then enrolled in an integrative healthcare graduate program in 2021. Amanda graduated with a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy in 2023. Curiosity led her to her mat and has guided her to further her education so she could be of greater service to others walking the path of healing. Amanda loves to read, listen to podcasts, spend time in nature, and explore the world through travel and adventure. 

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Hannah Rose Broom

With over 10 years of teaching, Hannah-Rose's certifications include: 200hr E-RYT Ashtanga-Vinyasa Flow, 95hr Grounded Children’s Yoga, and 90hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy. She is a seeker and enthusiastic learner and a dynamic and adaptable instructor with a diverse teaching experience. She has taught yoga in studios, Atlanta and Dekalb public schools, trained college athletes, and led therapeutic yoga & art workshops for teens. Regardless of age, ability, or familiarity with yoga, she has a class for you! Mindful movement matters. consistency.

Hannah-Rose will kindly challenge her students but will always follow their body’s lead. Her goal is to help you build a deeper relationship with your body, experience great range of motion, and consistency. In her classes you’ll will build strength for empowerment; increase mobility for flexibility of mind; take deep breaths for grounding and expansion.

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DeKeely Atkins

DeKeely’s yoga practice began when her sister-in-law invited her to come along to a hot yoga class to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Once she stepped foot on her mat, she was hooked! With degrees in health and exercise science and public health, she was always engaged in fitness. But DeKeely knew yoga was different. She enjoyed all the physical aspects of asana but found the true gift of yoga to be the practice’s invitation to PAUSE and tune in, not only to your body but into your breath and your heart.

Over the past decade, DeKeely’s love of yoga has taken her to studios across the country and abroad and has led her to explore various lineages including Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Bikram, and Ashtanga. Each experience building upon the other and providing another glimpse into the beauty and depth of the practice. After successfully encouraging many to give yoga a try, she knew it was time for her to share the gift of yoga from the seat of the teacher. DeKeely completed a 100-hour YTT in Costa Rica in 2019 and the Soul Nourish & FORM yoga 200-hour YTT in 2020. These trainings allowed her to deepen her practice and prepare to share the rich tradition of yoga with others.

With that spirit, DeKeely offers fun alignment-based flows that build energy and empower each student to tune in a find their own practice. She challenges her students to confidently take up space on their mats, channel their strength, play, breathe, laugh, and find the joy in their yoga. She believes these are the tenets of the yoga the world needs us to practice both on and off our mats.

Marck Maroun Form yoga Decatur
Marck Maroun

Marck has always been a yogi and a geologist at heart. He uses his connection to the Earth to ground down before every practice. Adopting yoga as a way of life, not just the physical practice, is key to his happiness.

Fifteen years ago, Marck began his yogic path. His initial gravitation towards yoga was strictly physical wellness. Shortly after, he discovered the bond between mind-body and breath.

Today, his practice consists of meditation coupled with breathing and body flow.

His dedication to the lifestyle of yoga came shortly after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. In a flash, both their lives changed. Using meditation and body flow, he stood by his wife as she recovered from the physical and mental turmoil that comes with treatments, surgery, and diagnosis. Yoga literally saved them both.

Marck’s classes are designed to allow students a sense of unity, wholeness, and a brief yet strong mind-body connection. His meditation coupled with breathing opens the mind and body for a welcoming, challenging, and well-deserved practice. 

Marck has two teaching certificates,  a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in early 2018 in the jungles and the beaches of Costa Rica.  And more recently Marck traveled to Mysore, India for his 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training certification. 

Alisa Lewis Form yoga Decatur
Alisa Lewis

When Alisa found yoga, she discovered a spark that quickly lit her up. At the age of forty-two she was astonished that at yoga class, people her own age were busting out backbends and headstands like it was no big deal.

They were moving and flowing with the simple beauty of dancers. But they did not seem to be there just for the cool poses. They seemed to KNOW things. There seemed to be something beyond the physical rigors of the practice which drew them there.

Alisa wanted to know things too. So, she kept going and practicing. It was a turning point when she discovered that yoga poses are merely a means of understanding yourself and your connection in the universe. Fast-forward eight years and she is still going and practicing and still discovering. In 2020 Alisa put discovery into warp speed and completed a 200-hour alignment-based yoga teacher training course with Mandy Roberts and Shari L Fox at FORM {yoga}.

Alisa comes from years of experience designing interiors for Fortune 500 companies, designing and rolling out retail banking establishments, and various hospitality and workplace venues. As much as art and design are a part of her life, so now is yoga. It is the creativity, personal connection, and fulfillment of offering her unique gifts in teaching that feeds her soul. As an Enneagram 9 (AKA The Peacemaker), she is constantly seeking harmony. This carries over into her teaching style just as it does in her design work. She is receptive to what her students may need and safely and gently guides them. She is known to create balanced classes that integrate heart, mind, body, and breath.

Alisa helps her students breathe, build strength, play, hone balance, discover, stretch, hope, and find ease in their bodies, which translates to more ease in life. In her classes you can be yourself, whether that means beginner or expert, messy or neat, Type A or go-with-the-flow, calm or anxious, feeling “meh” or feeling amazing.
Desiree Nathanson Form yoga Atlanta
Desirée Nathanson

Desirée comes to the world of yoga by way of dance. She began her formal dance training at the age of four at Florida Ballet Arts in Sarasota and continued through her discovery of dance teams in high school. From there, she went on to dance for the University of Florida Gators Dazzlers dance team where she performed all over the country, including the 2000 Men's Basketball Final Four. (She may or may not still be bitter about losing to Michigan State.) Following her four years at UF, Desirée broke into the professional world of dance as an 'A-Town' dancer for the NBA's Atlanta Hawks. Desirée currently serves as an official trainer for the ATL Hawks Dancers.


Desirée earned her Masters of Science (M.S.) in Health Sciences with a specialization in Nutrition from Georgia State University and has since earned the title dietetic technician, registered (DTR).  She is a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and registered yoga teacher having completed her yoga teacher training at Yoga Collective in Atlanta, GA.  Desiree is also a certified prenatal and postpartum fitness coach and became her own client in 2020, giving birth to her first child at the age of 40 and then here second child at the age of 41.

Desirée calls herself the compassionate personal trainer and hopes to show people that fitness and movement should not be used as a punishment, rather something that is enjoyable!  

In Desiree’s classes you can expect a light-hearted approach to practice, offered at a mindfully slower pace. Her attention to alignment, as well as her passion for maintaining a body positive space will keep you encouraged and engaged. Oh, and her students should always be prepared for a nerdy joke or two.

Amy Anderson Form yoga teacher
Amy Anderson
Substitute Teacher & Community Liaison

Amy first discovered the physical benefits of yoga in 2004. But it was in 2010, when she found herself closing a difficult chapter of her life, that she discovered yoga for emotional healing. That was when she knew yoga would be a part of her life forever.

Amy dedicated herself to take a year to go inward, dig deep, and find restoration. She was determined to attract the love and life she knew existed for her. Step one was learning to love herself. She committed to take herself on a weekly date night every Friday. It always started with a Hatha yoga class at a local yoga studio in Carrboro NC, led by instructor/owner Ti Harmony.

He had a warm style that both soothed and strengthened her. Next came sushi and a movie at home with her beloved orange tabby cat, Jimmy (a tuna sashimi guy).  

In Aug 2011, Amy took a three month sabbatical from her job with a Fortune 500 healthcare company. She fulfilled a long time dream come true, and went to Spain, where she blogged about her travels. She hiked 100 miles of the Camino de Santiago, attended language school, and made new friends from all over the world. 

The freedom she enjoyed in Spain inspired her to pursue her passions. In 2012, Amy left her nearly 10 year corporate career and completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training immersion at Asheville Yoga Center. After obtaining her 200 hour YTT, Amy taught Vinyasa, all levels, and restorative yoga. 

In 2015, Amy returned to the healthcare industry in marketing. Due to long days in the office, Amy’s yoga practice sometimes took place between meetings, in an empty cubicle across the aisle. When COVID led to an overwhelming workload, she turned to mindfulness and yoga to reduce stress. When there was no time to step on the mat, yoga had a way of meeting Amy right where she was. 

By 2021, Amy left her position in healthcare marketing to reconnect with her family and pursue freelance writing. But the years of long hours and job stress left Amy with persistent TMJ, neck, and shoulder issues. Amy worked with a Physical Therapist for exercises to relieve her pain. At home, Amy adapted these exercises for her yoga practice. The notable improvements in her neck and shoulder pain inspired Amy to return to teaching yoga.  

Amy weaves into her unassuming teaching style, the essence of her life experiences:  

  • If you fall or mess up – get up and start again

  • Show up – even if that means doing what you can, when you can

  • Listen to your body – Make your practice your own

Now a wife and late-in-life mom of two young children, Amy relies on her yoga practice for strength, energy, and centeredness. She can be found most days vacuuming crumbs out of her backseat and dwelling in gratitude for the family and love she believed in all those years ago. 

Jenn Cook Form yoga Atlanta
Jenn Cook

Jenn started teaching yoga in 2012 after taking her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training under Neda Draupadi Honarvar at Tough Love Yoga. She soon added a certification in Thai Yoga Bodywork & Stretching, a 300 hour YTT with Gina Minyard, Reiki, and prenatal yoga training with Amani Murray & Oh Baby! Fitness. A perpetual student, Jenn is also a certified Breath Coach. Her numerous trainings in the Tarot, the chakra system, as well as exposure to Ayurveda and Craniosacral Therapy gives dynamic inspiration for her offerings and classes. Jenn has a zest for life that drives her to keep learning and growing.

Jenn also owns Drea James Jewelry featuring one of a kind and limited edition designs, you’ll often see her rocking some of her stunning pieces in class (and if you love those pieces just offer to buy them off of her, she’s cool like that). With a interest in jewelry and yoga it’s no surprise that Jenn loves creating mala necklaces and leading mala making classes too!

From Jenn you can expect smiles and sweat – or at least that is what her husband Michael says. Jenn loves to help her students build strength so he got the sweat part right! With a focus on alignment  and playfulness, Jenn will offer ample space to explore and reflect. . . while she has you doing core work.

Jenn is obsessed with her dogs, loves to travel, and to spend time with family and friends.

Sound Alchemist

Becky Shanks is a super-sensitive human who is passionate about sharing her gifts with the world for the purposes of empowerment, embodiment, and healing. Becky lives in Atlanta with one senior kitty, two growing kittens, and a 30-year old African grey parrot named George. She is a healing artist, student of the stars, and explorer of cosmic consciousness; heavily focused on balancing light and dark, conscious and unconscious, masculine and feminine -- the magical state of mind known as THETA. Becky makes a living facilitating  quantum healing sessions, singing crystal alchemy bowls, creating sacred space.

Over 10 years ago, Becky used clinical hypnotherapy to quit smoking cigarettes. Upon returning to full, waking consciousness, she thought to herself, “Hmmm… I could do that!,” and never smoked again. In June 2013, Becky used hypnosis to release binge drinking, recognized she wanted to help people, and decided train in hypnotherapy. Six months later, she began studying hypnosis and regression therapy, then opened her hypnotic healing practice, Presents of Mind. Becky started studying Reiki later that year, and quickly realized the Japanese energy healing practice is completely hypnotic.

In early 2016, Becky began practicing Delores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, past life regression, theta healing. At the same time, crystal singing alchemy bowls literally started coming to her. Becky could sense the bowls had everything to do with her evolving practice, and also had no clue what that was…. She instantly fell in love with a Celestite singing bowl and began exploring how tone, frequency, sound, vibration, metaphysical properties and intention of crystals; how singing alchemy bowls could effortlessly relax people into deepened, hypnotic states of mind (theta), activate emotion, and liberate stuck energy. Becky has been hosting alchemical sound meditations in, and around Atlanta, ever since.

Becky is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Sound Alchemist currently studying Bioacoustics and Sound Alchemy with pioneering Ani Williams; Embodied Astrology with Galactic Priestess, Emily Trinkaus; Archetypal and Holotropic Astrology with astrologer Renn Butler; Energy Astrology with Dr. Lea Imsiragic. Becky facilitates a process whereby, in applying inherent, creative potential of mind and energy, humans are empowered to heal themselves; it is her purpose and joy to liberate stinky energy, love shadows into the light, guide humans into the here and now. When Becky isn’t practicing hypnosis, playing crystal bowls, studying starstuff, she is likely singing mantra and contemplating the birth of the Universe. Becky loves animals, travel, trees, all things crystalline, as well as reading 12ish books at one time. She also enjoys live music, singing, dancing, one-on-one time with close friends and beloveds.

Katie May Form yoga Decatur
Katie May

Although she had taken yoga classes in the past, Katie did not truly discover her passion for yoga until 2014 when her husband suffered a spinal cord injury and they started taking classes together as a part of his recovery. She quickly fell in love with the physical benefits of strength and flexibility that came with the practice. But she soon began to understand and appreciate the deeper mental and emotional benefits yoga offered and this is when her yoga journey truly started.

Eager to learn more and deepen her practice, Katie completed her 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training with Mandy Roberts at FORM Yoga in 2019.

Katie’s approach to teaching is alignment based and precise, with a healthy dose of play and fun. In addition to playing with inversions and arm balances, she loves the moving meditation aspect of vinyasa flow classes and will offer plenty of opportunity to move, breathe and challenge yourself on the mat.

When she is not at the studio, Katie loves to read, visit new breweries with her husband and snuggle with her dog, Banana.
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Kate Wright

Kate has been a yoga practitioner on and off since high school, but became more committed in college as she began to connect spiritually with the process and experienced more profound personal growth through consistency. She began her teaching journey in 2018 at REI in Atlanta for the outdoor schools program and completed her RYT-200 training at Asheville Yoga Center in January of 2020. Kate sees yoga as a practice of eternal discovery of self. It's the perfect compliment to every other physical activity or sport, honing sensitivity and proprioception, exercising both discipline and release. But more meaningfully, it's a way of living. The philosophy of yoga guides one to their

truest form—uncovering one’s intrinsic nature, becoming one’s own healer, which is both empowering and humbling.

Off the mat, Kate is an avid outdoors enthusiast, roller skater, and musical performer. She can’t wait to help you nourish and grow your practice.

Linden Tree Photography-060723 FORM Kat_026
Kat Jones

Kat is a yoga teacher, a small business owner, animal lover, and a grandma! Family and community are most important to her and she loves building connection through her work, both on and off the mat. After taking a class at her local YMCA in 2008, she was immediately hooked and quickly found a studio to cultivate her practice. Kat started to spend more and more time in the studio, working at the check in desk, volunteering for events, getting involved in any way she could. About a year in, the owner of the studio asked if she had ever considered YTT, and suggested she sign up the the upcoming training. The thought of being in front of a class leading a practice terrified her, so it was an easy “no thanks’. After a few conversations she decided to give it a go, knowing there was no pressure to teach.

Fun fact, she was offered a spot on the schedule and started teaching before she even graduated, and hasn’t looked back. She has since assisted with YTT’s, and has been a mentor for students going through the process. Beyond her initial training, Kat has experience and training across a wide range of populations, ages, abilities and settings. Kat has taught Baby and me, Toddler and me classes, she has worked with neurodivergent children, older folks and chair yoga, and just before the world shut down, she was teaching people suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries and Spinal Cord Injuries at the Shepherd Center.

Through the years Kat has continued to learn and grow through yoga. What she loves most is the flow of the practice and the way way it connects her to herself, something she didn’t realize was missing. Kat’s favorite class to teach is a strong, but accessible for all, vinyasa flow, with plenty of time to wind down and settle in for a deep Savasana. Kat is also a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, and loves to work with sound so you may experience some singing bowls, bells and chimes at the end of practice.

Through teaching Kat hopes to build a deeper connection to Self, and community. All in all, Kat always invites you to show up as you are, and enjoy your practice.

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Rebecca Moulton

With a full time career as a meteorologist, two teens and a pack of (spoiled) rescue animals, Rebecca knows a thing or two about chaos and disasters. Never a dull moment. White-knuckling and being a type A worked for her until after two decades as a yoga and meditation practitioner she found herself like so many other women - exhausted, burned out and disconnected from her intuition.

She knew her medicine was on her yoga mat, but found it in the most unlikely style - rest. She suddenly was forced to learn how to slow down, tune in more deeply and figure out what “look inward” actually meant. She would even learn to nourish herself, eventually, with breathwork, meditation and rest.

After much resistance, she opened up to Yoga Nidra. This practice of “yogic sleep” is where she reconnected to her intuition, and restored her mind, body and spirit after a diagnosis of autoimmune disease and a few bumps in the road. She experienced first hand the many benefits of restorative practices for anxiety, sleep, stress and the power to nurture the mind + body connection. 

Fascinated by the mind + body connection, Rebecca dove deeper into studies, earning her 200 hr RYT in Integrative Yoga. Noticing she was the one always with her legs up the wall or in child’s pose, she realized she could share what she had learned with others. 

She continued her training to deepen her certification as a Yoga Nidra Teacher and Advanced Yoga Nidra Master Facilitator, Hypnotherapy (ChT), and other healing practices.

Now, she brings her experience, yogic philosophy, and deep compassion for each student to every class. With a down-to-earth approach and dash of humor, she creates space for you to play and explore while you learn the magic of rest. Her ultimate goal is to help everyone rest, relax, and recover from the daily grind – on the mat and beyond.

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Leyla Christopher

Leyla’s classes are intention-focused and inspirational. While her voice will soothe you, she will challenge you to explore on your mat, and she will certainly empower you. Inspired by her own yogic journey, Leyla’s flows and playlists vary, as do the illuminating intentions she offers. You can expect the option for hands on adjustments, easy to understand cuing, and encouraging words in every class. In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, Leyla is an intuitive energetic healer and a spiritual advisor. She is a Reiki Master as well as certified in other energetic healing modalities as well as inner child practices.

She’s been fortunate enough to study for months at a time with Shamans and Sages around the world. Being massively curious about the brain, body, and soul connection, Leyla dedicated the last 3 years to deepening her understanding of trauma, the brain, and energetic body. Helping others to connect and heal their wounded aspects and live more embodied and joyful lives is one of her greatest loves.

Leyla has thousands of hours dedicated to yoga, advanced training, and subtle energy studies. She has advanced training in Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin and Facia Release, Dynamic and Energetic Yin, Yoga Nidra, Sequencing, Alignment & Adjustments, and Trauma. She began studying with shamans in 1997 and started teaching Yoga in 2016.