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{ SEVA }

Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service.

At FORM yoga we believe that we can make a difference. That’s why we give a portion of our proceeds back to the world.

Seva is the art of giving back to the world. The act itself is a gift to everyone involved, from the giver to the receiver and to everyone the receiver comes in contact with. When we partake in this reciprocal process we are truly living our yoga off the mat.

In the spirit of Seva you can invest in making the world a better place, one action at a time. With your purchases and generous donations we are able to provide access to yoga to those who are in need. Through these humble actions offered with love, Seva is believed to be a pathway to self-realization, spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the greater good of an individual and in turn, the whole community.

We have 3 ways which we give back with your donations:
seva scholarship fund FORM yoga

seva scholarship fund

The Seva Scholarship Fund at FORM{yoga} supports those who are economically challenged with access to yoga. Studies have shown that a comprehensive yoga practice offers stress release and helps to alleviate tension and anxiety, all of which we experience when our finances contribute to the strain we sometimes experience in life.

Through an array of classes for all levels of practice and abilities, each student will be supported to continue their practice without additional stress. Through Seva we give the gift of yoga to offer the opportunity to breathe a little more deeply through challenging times.

R&R: restore & restructure

The R&R Program supports military veterans suffering from PTSD. “Rest & Relaxation” are hard to come by when you’re experiencing anxiety, processing trauma, or struggling to cope with day-to-day life. That’s why the focus of our R&R Program is “Restore & Restructure.”

 Through R&R, we support our veterans in finding peace, growth, and freedom. Each year we give a portion of all Seva donations to Connected Warriors, a non-profit offering services and support for our Veterans.

restore restructure seva
solace seva FORM yoga


The Solace Program at FORM{yoga} supports frontline healthcare workers suffering from anxiety. Being there for others is at the core of their profession. But that’s hard to do when the increased pressure brought on by the pandemic shakes you to your core. That’s why our Solace Program is designed to relieve that pressure and create space for serenity. 

Through gentle yoga classes and our supportive community, frontline healthcare workers get the help they need to manage symptoms and restore tranquility to their lives. Through Solace, we help our frontline healthcare workers in finding the healing, resilience, and heart they need to help others. 
To apply for a FORM {yoga} scholarship donation, please complete the form linked below.