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{ SEVA }

Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service.

Seva is the art of giving back to the world. The act itself is a gift to everyone involved, from the giver to the receiver and to everyone the receiver comes in contact with. When we partake in this process we are truly living our yoga off the mat.

In the spirit of Seva you can invest in making the world a better place, one yogi at a time. With your generous donations we are able to provide access to yoga to those who are in need. Seva is an act of kindness and compassion and is given with gratitude. Through these humble actions offered with love, Seva is believed to be a pathway to self-realization, spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the greater good of an individual and in turn, the whole community.

Each donation supports a student with access to our online yoga platform and serves to support FORM yoga by maintaining revenue during this uncertain time. Each scholarship recipient will receive access to one month of online yoga and FORM yoga will match each donation 100%!

To apply for a FORM {yoga} scholarship donation, please complete the form linked below.