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Welcome to FORM yoga!
We are Atlanta & Decatur's home for accessible, playful, and body-positive yoga & mindfulness.

We believe in supporting you on your wellness journey by providing a safe and sacred space to explore moving and breathing on your mat, judgement-free!

Whether you are new to Yoga or are a seasoned practitioner, you’ll find a warm and welcoming community at FORM yoga! We always honor you where you are in your practice while offering a safe space to help you learn and grow.  

We encourage you to try out all the goodness we have to offer with our New Student Trial, it’s simply the most affordable way to see what we have to offer. When you purchase this limited time offer you’ll also receive a discounts, free passes, and a series of emails with fun tips and special offers. Get VIP access to all of our scheduled classes for 1 month for just $59. With all the extras and perks, it’s really a no-brainer purchase!

Keep reading below about all the benefits of practicing at FORM yoga or go ahead and dive in now by clicking the button below!


Yoga is proven to reduce stress and anxiety while alleviating pain and increasing mobility.

We offer the cure for your worries and stress while bringing the fun back on your mat!

Fall in love with your mat and feel better in your body when you commit to once a week, twice a week, or even a daily practice at FORM yoga!

Whether you are here to sweat and tone or to rest and stretch you’ll find ample opportunities to connect with your practice. Our inspirational teachers curate each class to safely guide you step-by-step on your mat. You’ll be celebrated here no matter if you choose to hold your poses or if you choose to take Child’s Pose and chill.

We believe in the power of transFORMation, one Yogi at a time!

We believe it because we have personally experienced the power of Yoga. We have story after story of how practicing at FORM yoga has sparked immense transformation in the lives of our students and teachers. From feeling better in their bodies to creating a life filled with more joy and possibility, Yoga truly works!

“Like most yogis, I came to yoga hoping to learn how to illuminate areas for personal expansion both on and off the mat. Your studio allows me to do that in myriad ways and I discover what I need through thoughtful teachings… “

reclined cow face form yoga decatur

When you create space to nourish yourself, everyone around you benefits too.

When you show up in a space where you are celebrated for exactly where you are, transformation is more meaningful and rewarding. With your membership to FORM yoga you’ll be immersed in an environment of like-minded individuals dedicated to learning and growing right along with you. 

This offer is only available to purchase on your first visit, begin your path to transFORMation now!

We want to incentivize you to make your wellbeing a priority. Click below to begin your wellness journey with us and start booking your classes at FORM yoga right away. The more you practice, the more benefits you’ll experience!
Got questions? We got you!