Membership FAQ

Am I a member?

Everyone who comes to FORM yoga is part of the FORM family! Buuuuuuut the information on this page is specifically for students who purchase a Recurring Monthly or Yearly Membership. Pssst, in case you didn’t know, membership is always our best pricing option! Wanna upgrade your practice and become a FORM member? Head over to our pricing page.

Nope! Memberships are only for use by the purchaser. But, Unlimited and Up to 8 Class per Month members can share their Bring a Friend Free (BFF) passes!

Option 1: Upgrade your Monthly Membership if you’re regularly coming to more classes each month! Complete the membership change request form and we’ll get you set up before your next auto-renew date. Click here to review our membership policies and access the Membership Change Request form. Please DO NOT purchase another membership…then you’ll have TWO monthly memberships that auto-renew.

Option 2: Purchase a Class Card if you just need to sneak in an extra class or before your auto-renew date some months. Purchase on your own on the FORM website or in the app. We have 5, 10, and 20 Class Cards all with 6-month expiration dates. Click here for the pricing page.

Sharing is caring…but not with our class cards, they’re only for use by the purchaser. Of course, that IS what our BFF passes are for (included with Unlimited and Up to 8 Class per Month memberships).

We’ve got a page for that! To review our Monthly Membership Policies and request Membership changes, please Click HERE.

Reminder: If you purchased one of our super special, once a year, limited edition 1 Year Unlimited Yoga memberships, you pre-pay for the entire year. We do not offer refunds or cancellations for this membership!

Lucky you! You received our absolute best deal on a FORM membership. These super special, once a year, limited edition 1 Year Unlimited Yoga memberships are pre-paid up front. We do not offer refunds, cancellations, or changes for this membership level.

Unlimited and Up to 8 Class per Month members get BFF passes each month. Anyone can be your BFF – even if they’ve been to FORM before! Here’s how to use ’em:
  1. Invite a friend to yoga!
  2. If they haven’t been to FORM, send them this link to create an account through fitDEGREE ( 
  3. From the login screen, click on Create an Account and follow the prompts.
  4. Now the easy part, show up to class!
    a. Arrive 10 minutes early to any class and our instructors will get your friend registered for the class with your BFF pass when you arrive. b. Email requests for advance registration require at least 48 hours notice including your friend’s name and the class you want to attend at Please note that if you email in advance and decide not to come to class you will lose that BFF pass.
  5. Our favorite part… Enjoy the best yoga Decatur/Atlanta has to offer!
P.S. Want to bring 2 friends to the SAME class? Great! As long as you have 2 BFF passes ;) P.P.S. BFF passes renew on the 1st of each month.

If you forget to cancel a class at least 4 hours before class, or miss class for any reason, you don’t pay the $20 fee – for the first 10 classes – hooray! Buuuuut, the fee is automatically charged by FitDEGREE and we have to remove it manually, which can take up to 24 hours.

Please note that if you miss a class and see a bill, you will NOT be able to book a class online/in the app without paying the bill…BUT you can show up in studio to register (teachers can bypass the software).

Have no fear! We’ll let you know when you use up the passes 🙂 You can check in with us at if you aren’t sure how many you have left! Please include your full name so we check the right account.

Great question! All Unlimited Monthly and Yearly members get complimentary access to our On-Demand yoga library. Please email with the subject On-Demand access: include your name and preferred email so we can create your account!

Check out our library of online classes HERE.

No problem! You can easily update your own credit card in the FORM yoga app or your online account.

  • Open your profile (icon of person in a circle)
  • Click the 9-square grid in the upper right corner.
  • Click on Payment Methods to add a card.

To update your auto-pay card for Monthly Membership payments, first you need to unenroll the card from auto-pay and then add a new card.

  • Open your profile in the the FORM yoga app or your online account (icon of person in a circle)
  • Click the 9-square grid in the upper right corner
  • Open My Items
  • Click on your active (current) Membership
  • Click “Change Auto-pay Card”
  • On the next screen you’ll have the option to add a new card.
  • After you add a new card, select the newly added card to enroll it in auto-pay.
  • If you wish to use this card in studio for any purchases be sure to click that permission.

If your auto-payment is declined, you’ll immediately get an automated email from FitDEGREE. FitDEGREE makes up to 6 attempts with your card on file. If they all fail, you’ll get an email from FORM and you’ll be charged a $25 administrative fee.

Did your card expire? Update your credit card in your account, following the instructions above.

If you have more than one declined auto-payment per year, you’ll be charged the $25 fee and we reserve the right to cancel your membership.

Membership is a mutual agreement and you get the best deal from us for your loyalty! However, if your payment fails, that causes extra work and lost revenue for us (boo!).

UGH. Day not going as planned because (insert reason) & can’t make it to that class? Hey, life happens.

Cancel at least 4 hours before class in the FORM app or your online account to avoid a late cancellation penalty: Find the class in your registrations and click Withdraw.

We DON’T accept phone calls or emails to cancel.

Whoops, here are the late cancellation penalties:

  • Up to 4 Classes per Month and Up to 8 Classes per Month members lose a class credit for each late cancel/missed class.
  • Monthly Unlimited members are charged a $20 late cancellation fee for each late cancel/missed class – AND you won’t be able to register for more classes until you pay the fee.
  • If you snagged one of our Special 1 Year Unlimited Yoga memberships you get 10 late cancel passes to use for this purpose! We manage them on the admin end and will let you know once you use all 10 up 🙂 It can take up to 24 hours for us to process them. You won’t be able to register for more classes online until you pay the fee (but if you come to class, the teacher can get you signed in).

Your monthly renewal date is the date that your credit card is automatically charged each month. It’s also when your classes refresh for the month (Up to 4 and 8 Class per Month Members).

Note: If your membership renews at the end of the month (i.e., 28-31), your card may be charged on the first day of the next month.

  • In the FORM app or online, open your profile (icon of person in a circle)
  • Click the 9 square grid in the upper right corner
  • Open My Items
  • Option 1: Under “Class Packs,” you can see the Start and Exp dates for each upcoming month. The Start is your monthly renewal date.
  • Option 2: Under “Memberships” click on your current Membership: “Current Service Period” shows the active dates for the current month. E.g., if the Current Service period starts on the 10th, that is your renewal date.

New: All BFF passes refresh on the 1st of the month, regardless of your membership renewal date!

For Up to 4 Class and 8 Class per Month Members, your monthly classes refresh on your renewal/start date each month.

  • In the FORM app or online, open your profile (icon of person in a circle)
  • Click the 9 square grid in the upper right corner
  • Open My Items
  • Under “Class Packs,” you can see the number of uses (classes) that remain each month. E.g. “2/4 uses remain” means that you have 2 more classes you can sign up for in the current month (before the monthly Exp date).

Note: Classes you registered for but haven’t taken yet ARE already removed from this total. E.g., if you’ve signed up for 2 classes this month, but haven’t taken them yet, it will show 2/4 uses remain.

These FAQs are in progress! Need information about something not listed here? Please check out our main FAQ page

Still need more help? Email us so we can help you out