An Afternoon of Mala Making

An Afternoon of Mala Making, Yoga & Mantra

Saturday, May 12, 2018 with Jenn Cook from 1-4pm
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Jenn’s Mala and Mantra workshop gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself, my journey and share in some positive creative energy with the other beautiful beings in the workshop! And Jenn’s guidance, knowledge and support set the tone for an amazing day. Big bonus is that I now have a really cool Mala that brings back the vibes of that day each time I wear it!

Christy Burkett

Jenn’s mala workshop is a unique opportunity to make time and space to listen to your mind, body & soul and begin an important conversation with yourself. Take the opportunity to learn about malas, set an intention that allows you to grow, and be surrounded by the creativity of other likemindeded yogis. You’ll walk away with purpose and a beautiful reminder to work on yourself a little each day.

Malissa Magyar

Set your intentions with devotion, mindfulness and sincerity. Gather with fellow yogis to create your very own meditation necklace (mala) in this special afternoon of creativity and intention with jewelry designer and yoga teacher Jenn Cook.

We will start with a brief history on the significance and use of malas followed by a 60 minute all levels flow. Through practice we will get our energy moving and fire up our creativity to prepare for mala making. Don’t worry if you don’t think your “artistic” or “creative” – your creation will be a cherished keepsake or gift that comes from an innate part of you. Our afternoon will end with a special intention setting initiation, mantra and meditation on your mala.

What People are Saying

Jenn’s Mala & Mantra workshop was exactly what I needed to ‘reset’. I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed and this workshop allowed me to take stock of where I was mentally and what I needed to let go of and focus on to better serve myself. Taking the time to build your own unique mala and then setting an intention and mantra is very special. I still carry my mala with me everyday and come back to my intentions when I need to. An afternoon with Jenn is always a pleasure. She has this unique ability to inspire those around her as well as remind us of how strong we are and how important it is to take care of ourselves and love ourselves. I would highly recommend this workshop!

Jody Jordan

Jenn’s fabulous mala & mantra workshop was an empowering experience. The moving meditation was a lovely lead-in to the jewelry designing. My mala is meaningful and helps me work on breaking patterns that aren’t needed in my life.

Jennifer Taylor

I had been wanting to participate in Jenn’s Mala, Mantra & Meditation workshop last spring, but signed up for the winter one instead. This workshop was a 30th birthday gift to me from my mom, and what a meaningful and pivotal birthday to learn about these sacred practices. What a wonderful gift to sit sweetly with a room full of amazing yogis that I had never met before, and to share a creative and therapeutic experience, and a quiet and steady yoga practice. The four hours flew by, and I left feeling calm, fulfilled, and more curious about the art of meditation and the use of malas in meditation and practice, on and off the mat. Jenn even took the time to send each and every one of us a note as to what our bead selections represented as we all chose from a wide selection of precious beads that she had carefully collected from different places. My mala has become a necessity in my meditation practice at home, as it helps to keep me focused and grounded. I highly recommend this workshop to beginning and seasoned yogis who are looking to learn more about meaningful meditation and the art of creating a one of a kind mala for yourself, a friend, or someone you love.

Katherine Williams

I came to Form’s malas and mantra workshop compelled (as I often am) by an as-yet-undefined urge to cultivate a more purposefully lived life. Jenn has a creative spirit, a craftsman’s skills, and a divine gift for encouraging people to acknowledge and confront their limitations with love, while gently guiding them towards expansive growth that feels at once incremental and monumental – and entirely within grasp. This workshop reminded me and my fellow yogis of the power lying dormant within us all, and created a sublime community with which to share it. I return to the mantra I developed in this workshop on a daily basis, as a reminder to be more fully engaged my life, and cherish my mala as a tangible representation of that guidance. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Molly California

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