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October 25 – 27, 2024

Rejuvenate your spirit with this insightful weekend retreat filled with relaxation, play, and self-discovery. You’ll laugh, learn, and reconnect with who you are and what really matters. Your weekend on retreat awaits you!

Perched above the clouds in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Elohee Retreat Center is the perfect destination for a deeply nourishing and transformative weekend! This yoga and self-discovery retreat invites you to slow down. You’ll unwind, rest, and open to receive. 



Wake to crisp autumn air, expansive views, and the peaceful sounds of nature.  Sip hot tea and welcome the sunrise over the mountains. Begin each day with presence and play with guided breath and movement to clear your mind and liberate your body. Nourish your wellbeing with mindfulness workshops and discovery sessions to deepen your awareness and brighten your spirit. Connect with friends old and new over delicious and nutritious meals. In your free time meander through the woodland waterfall trails, get a relaxing massage, or take time for a well deserved nap. Ahhh!
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Mountain Cottage
{shared room w/ 2 twin beds & private bath}
– $907.22*

Mountain Cottage
{private single room, shared bath}
– $907.22*

Mountain Cottage
{private room & private bath}
– $1,109.22*

Camping Available
Inquire for application


Price includes all classes & programming, your selected  room, and all meals. *Elohee adds tax upon selection of room type prior to completing registration. Your full price will be displayed prior to checkout.

Elohee Retreat Center,
North Georgia Mountains

251 Elohee Drive
Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571


Registrations are booked through Elohee directly by following the link below. Elohee handles all payments directly through their site. You may choose a payment schedule that works for your budget when you book early. Pricing is listed per person. Please carefully review their cancellation policy prior to registering.

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Nightly accommodations, all delicious meals focused on healthy seasonal ingredients, all planned programming & classes, welcome gifts, 24-hour tea house, panoramic porch, mountain-top pond lounge area and access to the woodland waterfall trails.

“Retreat, and come home to yourself.”




Our program begins Friday at 1pm and concludes Sunday at 1pm. We recommend soaking in the full weekend experience by exploring the quaint town and waterfalls after our closing circle. Optional items are marked on the schedule with a (*) and you’ll be financially responsible for massage therapy appointments. Staff tips are always at your discretion based on your personal experience.

Claim your seat in the circle!

Book early for the best selection of rooms and affordable payment plan options. Since we have high interest and a limited amount of space we recommend that you reserve your spot ASAP.

If your inner wisdom guided you here, chances are YOU are ready for something new. Can you hear your heart saying: “YES!”? If so, click below and we’ll see you in the mountains!


Mandy Roberts retreat leader Elohee


Space Holder & Visionary
Mandy’s heartfelt devotion and her sincerity for life are at the forefront of her offerings. Her classes are a sweet {and often sweaty} celebration of life expressed through embodiment, music, and storytelling. Mandy loves to invite her students to embrace sacred playfulness through movement, while weaving alignment and breath to help them to feel strong and centered. More than just another yoga class, Mandy offers her students a yoga experience.

Finding yoga, Mandy had no idea she was embarking on a life-long journey of self-reflection and personal growth. Her divorce just a few years later was the catalyst for a complete dissolution of her former life and the beginning of what is now FORM yoga.

A stay-at-home mom for many years, the end of her marriage (which felt like the end of her life), was actually the threshold of a beautiful new beginning.

As Mandy leaned on her yoga practice heavily, it became very clear that she was being nudged toward teaching yoga. In just a few short months she was handed a failing yoga studio, FORM yoga, which even further affirmed her path {yep, it really did happen that way!}. During the challenging times surrounding her divorce and all the challenging times that came after – from raising children to carrying a small business through the challenges of COVID, Mandy found that the teachings of yoga were paramount to her well being.

Mandy has a unique way of sharing the wisdom she’s gained with vulnerability and openness. Be it in class or through her writing, Mandy repeatedly answers the call to help others by genuinely and openly voicing her heart – thoughtfully sharing her pain, her mistakes, her triumphs, her strengths, and her wisdom. She counts this as one of her greatest gifts in life.

As a retreat leader Mandy has thousands of hours of experience tenderly guiding her students through their own process of growth and transformation. With the dissolution of FORM yoga’s sister company, Soul Nourish Retreats during the pandemic, Mandy took a break leading retreats to process and grieve the ending of her partnership with her  co-facilitator and beloved friend Shari. With a clear heart and so much growth, Mandy is excited to serve the world with new wisdom and the old playfulness she is known for.

As a business owner, during the pandemic Mandy provided a much-needed sense of community and togetherness, balanced with safety initiatives, placing the well-being of the whole community above profit. As a teacher at the front of the room, she always shows up with her whole heart and soul and gives you permission to show up with yours.

Over the course of her life Mandy has embraced stretching herself to learn and grow. She has studied yoga with numerous accomplished national and international teachers from various traditions. She has studied Pranic Healing with Master Stephen Co, Enneagram with Russ Hudson and Intuitive Development with Kathy Rosebough and Janet Raftis. In 2017 Mandy spent an entire year immersed in training and certification for the transformational Urban Priestess movement, and in 2020 she completed course work in Ancestral Lineage Healing with Dr. Daniel Foor.  She is a certified Primal Breathwork and Conscious Circular Breathing facilitator under the guidance of Alexa Shackleford. A two-time Lululemon Athletica ambassador Mandy was invited to represent Atlanta at the 2015 Lululemon Ambassador Summit in Whistler, BC. In addition Mandy was a presenter in the 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2023 Dirty South Yoga Fest, the 2015 and the 2016 Atlanta Women’s Foundation Yogathon, the 2015 Wigwam Health and Wellness Festival, and a co-chair of the first annual Atlanta Yoga Rave.

A lover of expression through writing, Mandy has contributed articles about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to numerous publications over the years. She also lovingly writes an essay to the FORM community each month in our newsletter. Mandy believes her greatest accomplishment in life so far is the supportive and connected community she has created at FORM yoga.

As a mother, Mandy models perseverance and integrity for her children. When she is not at the front of the room teaching, you can find Mandy hanging out around Decatur with her husband Ruan, dancing with the Ecstatic Dance Community of Atlanta, or in-studio as a student – moving and breathing with you.


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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

—Mary Oliver

Do you have to be "good" at yoga to attend this retreat?

Heck no. Absolutely not! We wouldn’t dream of it.

In the west, when people think of Yoga they often focus on the poses. This is just one aspect of the practice. If you never touch your toes or always lose your balance, that’s all good. Yoga isn’t about perfection. In fact, sometimes when we are “good” at performing the poses we totally miss the magic of Yoga. 

Our approach to Yoga is steeped in mindfulness, presence, and support. At FORM yoga we believe Yoga is for everybody and every body. We believe there is no perfect pose, only the perfect pose for you in each moment. We believe the “no pain, no gain” approach is absolute BS. We believe a few deep breaths can make everything better.  We believe vulnerability is a superpower. We believe all adults should get more chances to play. We believe in encouragement. We believe in taking risks. We believe in the power of community. We believe in being seen and seeing each other. We believe in laughing when we fall and supporting our friends when they fall. We believe in the beauty of trying again (and perhaps even finding the levity in the experience!).

If our approach intrigues you then perhaps you have found your perfect retreat!

We’re thrilled to be paving the way for a new kind of retreating! In fact many of our retreaters have been so inspired they have made empowering life-changing decisions upon returning home. Soul work is no joke!

While many retreats you may stumble across focus only on the physical practices of yoga, we offer the full mind, body and spirit connection through a plethora of practices and modalities. Our approach is based in being present together,  and that is accessible for everyone. No matter if you have explored mediation, self development, yoga or whether you are a complete beginner to any or all of these practices, you are welcome. If your soul feels called to join us we believe you are ready!


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to relax and unwind. Included are your cozy cabin accommodations for Friday and Saturday night, all delicious meals and drinks from dinner Friday until lunch on Sunday, all planned programming & classes, your welcome gift, 24-hour tea house, mountain-top pond, porch and pond lounge areas, and access to hiking and woodland waterfall trails. Please note that taxes will be added by Elohee during your registration upon your room selection.

Space to relax, healthy and delicious food, abundant nature, body-positive and accessible movement, new friendships, new concepts to ponder, playful moments, deep breaths and quiet moments, immense stars, gorgeous views, fresh air, laughter, connection and a-heck-of-a lot-of sweetness. And chances are you’ll leave feeling refreshed and inspired!

Yes! If you book early you’ll get a chance to set up payment plans directly through Elohee. 


While our programs are always mostly attended by women, this retreat is open to all.  If you have questions or concerns we are happy to answer them.

We created this co-ed offering to meet a need in the world where all are valued and honored. If you are feeling called to share a safe space to learn and grow we are delighted to welcome you exactly as you are.

We sure hope so! We would hate for you to miss out on an amazing experience.

We will be happy to keep an eye out for more rooms to become available. Send us an email at and we will notify you if it becomes available. 

Sure! If you are interested in sharing a room and have not found a roommate please email Ruan at with your name and number. When we hear of other interested parties looking for a roommate we will let you know.

All registrations are subject to Elohee’s cancellation policy, as below. Sorry, we have no authority to override.

When booking you may place a deposit or pay your balance in full. A minimum 40% deposit is due upon selecting your room. Each registration includes a non-refundable $100 processing fee for Elohee.

If you wish to make payments you may log in to your account at Elohee to make payments as you choose. 

Full payment is due at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the retreat. If your payment is not made in full 2 weeks prior, Elohee will charge your card on file for the remaining amount owed.

Cancellations will incur a $100 fee up to 6 weeks prior to the start of the retreat. If you cancel between 6 weeks and 2 weeks prior to the retreat, Elohee will retain the entire 40% deposit.

Elohee does not provide refunds or transfers if you cancel after 2 weeks prior to your retreat date. This policy extends to all reasons for cancellation, including COVID-19. If you are concerned about the financial risk, we recommend you purchase cancellation/trip insurance.

Elohee is a lovely retreat center located around 90 minutes north of Atlanta in the gorgeous north Georgia mountains.

If you are flying in from out of state welcome! You’ll fly directly in to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Due to the unpredictable nature of air travel, we highly suggest arriving a day early and staying in Atlanta prior to driving to the retreat center on Friday.

You can find directions to Elohee here

We understand, we have food sensitivities too! You’ll have the option to include any dietary needs on your reservation with Elohee. If you have severe restrictions that are life threatening please make sure you email us so we can follow up with Elohee. Your safety is most important!

If you are concerned you can supplement your meals with snacks from home. There is a fridge and microwave that you can use if needed.

While we encourage you to be as tech free as possible to fully soak in all the weekend has to offer, we understand you might need to check in at home. We ask that you respectfully limit your tech breaks to your own room in between sessions. If you are sharing a room please go to a space where those choosing to go tech free will not be disrupted. You will need to bring your own hotspot if you wish to connect to the internet in between sessions.

Oh yes, and we highly recommend it! Elohee employs some wonderful bodyworkers to help you further relax into your body. The staff at Elohee will be able to schedule your massage around our retreat programming. We highly encourage you to book your spot early to ensure availability. 

Now the fun part!

Snacks for the road as well as your yoga mat and a refillable water bottle. You may wish to bring a tumbler for coffee {or tea} if you enjoy sipping on the go.

Clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in for yoga and our discovery sessions. Hiking or closed toe shoes for trails, a bag or satchel to carry your things to our sessions and on any hikes, warm socks as well as any layers for those cool autumn mornings and chilly evenings. Bring cozy pajamas, you may want to wear them for our Saturday night yoga session!

Elohee provides soap, shampoo, towels and linens. Each cottage has a hairdryer to use if you wish.

The yoga room is stocked with blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps and everything else you may need to practice comfortably. 

Welcome, we are so glad you are doing something good for yourself!

Click here to select your room and make your payment. 

Life is short, book the retreat!