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Everything you wanted to know about FORM yoga but were afraid to ask.

Yoga is life, compassion, love.

Well… that’s a tough question because Yoga can mean so many things depending on the style and lineage of this ancient Eastern practice. We could tell you about the history of the yoga and how it began before there were even poses involved. We could tell you about meditation and the focus on breath, the yoga of devotion and non-harming, or we could theorize about the motives of ancient sages and the “true” path of yoga. Here at FORM yoga we see the beauty in the antiquity of the practice and we believe in an ongoing innovation of what yoga is.

In the west, when people think of yoga they often envision a focus on the poses, this is just one aspect of the practice. Our approach to Yoga is grounded in the roots of the practice while being steeped in mindfulness, presence, and support. Rather than preaching about what yoga is or is not, we embody the teachings and lead by example.

We believe yoga is for everybody and every body. We believe the “no pain, no gain” approach is absolute BS. We believe vulnerability is a superpower. We believe in encouragement. We believe in taking risks. We believe in the power of community. We believe in being seen and seeing each other. We believe in the beauty of falling and trying again (and perhaps even finding the levity in the experience!). We believe you belong here. 

If our approach intrigues you then perhaps you have found your permanent yoga home at FORM.

Still have questions? Email us at We’re happy to help!


“A MILLION THANK YOUS… For awakening my soul and allowing it to heal and grow in ways I never thought were possible.”
"This is the most beautiful studio I’ve ever been to! Every teacher fills the space with love and strength and as a student, this love and strength is empowering! I have visited many studios in the Atlanta area and none compare to FORM!"
"I had a wonderful experience! The space is cozy. The teacher’s voice was great, very comforting and a beautiful tone! My body felt great after the recharge and restore class!"