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At FORM yoga we believe that yoga is a tool for living life to the fullest. We support and celebrate this lifestyle with curated events and wellness workshops to keep you engaged and growing, both on and off your mat. Our events are always open to the community, and most events are suitable for any level of practice, even beginners! We would love to support you on your journey home to yourself.

Sacred Sound Session: Full Moon Edition
with Becky Shanks

Friday, September 29


Investment: $25

Monthly & Yearly Members save up to 20% off!

Float on the celestial voices of a crystalline choir, relax into resonance with the Universe, create the Self as Sacred… all while never leaving the mat!

This special sound healing meditation, composed with crystal singing alchemy bowls, invites you to commune with the Cosmos: quiet the mind, release stress, and cultivate the optimal environment for healing. In each session your sound alchemist will share astrological insight and guidance from the stars as the cells of your physical body vibrate into blissful rest. Sound Alchemy has the healing potential to balance the nervous system, reduce stress, relieve pain, promote restful sleep; enhance spiritual connection, integration and wholeness.

What is a Sacred Sound Session?
A sound session is a deeply relaxing, yet energetically rich experience for the mind, body, and soul. During class, our sound facilitator will play a chorus of crystal singing bowls, each unique in sound and intention. As the bowls are struck and rubbed, they vibrate as a powerful symphony of angelic tones that fill the space with vibration and tone. The ebb and flow of the sound, along with the properties of each alchemy bowl, creates space for revelation, while promoting mental, emotional, physical, spiritual healing.

What to Know & Expect
While this is not a guided yoga class, please bring your yoga mat to relax and unwind. Props such as blankets, blocks, and bolsters are available for your comfort and support. If you wish to refrain from using our shared props, please feel free to bring your own from home. Be sure to drink lots of water the day of and after the sound healing meditation. These sounds resonate with the water in your body to effectively move subtle energies, as well as release toxins.

NOTE: This offering is not recommended for those in the first trimester of pregnancy, or humans experiencing thrombosis, hypotension, sensory sensitivity, active migraines, seizures. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult your physician regarding contraindications of sound healing before joining.

Posture Lab: Savasana with Amanda

Saturday, October 14


This offering is FREE for our monthly & annual members!

Not a member yet? Investment: $25

Newer to yoga? Looking to improve your yoga alignment? Seeking information on modification options and how to use props? Got discomfort in your poses? Simply wanting to nerd out about yoga?

This 75-minute, workshop style offering is a casual, yet in-depth and intimidation-free session where we’ll take a deep dive into yoga asana (poses). Each session will be offered by a different teacher and highlight a specific pose or series of poses. Your teacher will offer tips, tools and techniques to amplify and optimize your personal practice. 

Proper alignment, along with prop support and modifications will be offered. Resemblance postures, poses that are similar to the peak pose in engagement and alignment, will also be offered in order to help to invoke strength and grace on the mat. Expect some lecture, some demonstrations, and plenty of time to explore. 

Posture Lab is new for 2023! This offering is a perk to our monthly & annual members. If you are not a member you can join us with a $25 investment.

Bring your mat, water and questions! 

Thriller: A Spooky Halloween Dance Experience
with Desiree Nathanson

Friday, October 13 (of course!)


Investment: $25

Monthly & Yearly Members: $10!

What’s Halloween without dancing zombies? The answer is, nothing. Halloween is nothing without dancing zombies, especially when those zombies are dancing to the choreography of Michael Jackson’s iconic 1983 hit, Thriller! Get ready for Halloween and join us on Friday the 13th to earn the choreography from the most Halloween-y music video of all time from resident MJ fanatic, Desiree Nathanson.

You will be sure to wow your friends and family with your ghoulish new party trick. While zombie costumes are not mandatory they are encouraged (and will make for thrilling photos!).

Who Is Desiree?
Desiree has been teaching this dance for over 20 years after learning it from a VHS tape in high school. A complete Halloween and MJ nerd, Desiree is excited to bring this dance experience to the FORM yoga community for the second year! Whether you’re a beginner to dancing or a seasoned veteran, Desiree will make these thrilling moves both fun and accessible.

Empowered Change: Pelvic Health, Yoga & Menopause
with Beth Kemper & Mandy Roberts

Saturday, October 21 


Investment: $65

Monthly & Yearly Members Save Up to 20%!

Near or in Menopause? Did you know that symptoms can start as early as in your 30s?
Join Beth Kemper, owner of Kemper Pelvic Physio and Mandy Roberts, owner of FORM yoga for an afternoon of lecture, learning, and practice!
Join us for a fun and informational afternoon offering focused on embracing your changing body. Together we will help you sort through masses of misinformation and offer you cutting edge tools and techniques to guide you through this season of life. Feel good in your body and empowered to gracefully move through transition.

That's What Friends Are For: A Partner Yoga Workshop
with Mandy Roberts & Gina Minyard

Saturday, November 18


Investment: $45

Monthly & Yearly Members Save Up to 20%!

Join yoga teachers and dear friends, Gina Minyard and Mandy Roberts for a playful and unique exploration on the mat.

In this therapeutic yet playful workshop we’ll use each other as intelligent and interactive yoga props. Working on each other in groups of twos and threes, we will explore partner assists to go more profoundly into the optimal alignment and spaciousness of each pose. Coupled with a sprinkling of solo restoratives and stretches, expect to go beyond what you can do alone!

This workshop, or as we call it, playshop, is perfect for partners, yoga teachers or anyone who wants more play time on the mat! Come alone or with a friend or two, after all that’s what friends are for!