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Awaken your creative spirit through practices that are playful & profound, sweet & soulful, magical & mysterious. Myth is the language of the soul and through storytelling we connect with past generations and cultures. Myth touches on something deep within our psyche, inviting us into possibility within our lives.

As children, we often learned through stories. Yet as adults, many of us have pushed away our natural curiosity and imagination. In doing so, we’ve lost touch with the gift of our own imagination.

Dive deep into the heart of goddess energy with FORM yoga’s owner and creative muse, Mandy Roberts in this 8-week transformative journey throughout the magical months of December and January. You feel awake in your body, open in your heart, and clear in your mind through a powerful and progressive sequence of asana, mantra, mudra, meditation, contemplation, and pranayama practices with storytelling, music, myth, legend and lore.

Each Friday, the day of the goddess, a new series of offerings will be uploaded allowing you to explore this course at your own pace. You’ll receive lifetime access to this course to revisit again and again.



Week 1: Durga
Unleashing the Warrior Within

Week 2: Lakshmi
Opening to Abundance

Week 3: Parvati
The Nectar of Devotion

Week 4: Saraswati
Unlock Your Creative Flow

Week 5: Kali
Stand in Your Power

Week 6: Tara
Softening Into Compassion

Week 7: Chinnamasta
Being a Fierce Ally for Love

Week 8: Sati
The Sacred Art of Letting Go

For Your Investment Each Week You’ll Receive:

  • An original adaptation of an ancient goddess story told with reverence and a modern spin
  • A 60-75 minute goddess infused full-spectrum yoga practice
  • An original playlist inspired by each goddess to ignite specific archetypal energies within you
  • A powerful mudra to align the flow of subtle energy
  • An altar tutorial & curated suggestions for each week
  • Supportive ritual & contemplative exercises
  • A goddess video intuitive reading & transmission by renowned healer & oracle Janet Raftis

Please note: This self-paced course runs December 2020 – January 2021. Materials will be available in the course each Friday by 12pm EST beginning December 4. This investment includes lifetime access to videos and materials to explore over and over.

inner goddess course

Mandy Roberts
As the owner of FORM yoga, Mandy’s passion is to bring an expression of liveliness and authenticity to each of her students. Leaving dogma at the door, she encourages you to face your fears, explore the depths of your imagination, and to go deep into what moves you. Mandy’s classes are a sweet {and often sweaty} celebration of life. She loves to embody sacred playfulness on the mat, gently exploring and encouraging ideas and poses to challenge and empower her students.

A graduate of the 12 month Urban Priestess movement, Mandy is always looking to deepen her connection with the Divine found in all of creation. A lover of all energies psycho-spiritual and subtle, she has studied Pranic Healing with Master Stephen Co, Enneagram with Russ Hudson and Shari L. Fox and Intuitive Development with Janet Raftis. In addition Mandy has studied yoga with numerous accomplished national and international teachers from various traditions around the world offering a truly balanced approach to yoga. Mandy’s compassionate yet bold and playful approach to life offers a fresh perspective to her students online, in studio and on retreat.

Janet Raftis
Janet has been playing with energy her entire life, but in 2004 she began to do so in a serious way. She began with the study of Reiki and quickly became a Master. She has since learned Pranic Healing and Matrix Energetics, and she is able to psychically understand what Spirit wishes to reveal to her clients. As a result, she has created a type of healing that is led by her intuition and personalized to each individual’s unique needs.

Janet works closely with the Divine Feminine, serving as a channel for her healing and teachings, and she has become an activator for others, helping them to access their healing and intuitive gifts through their connection to Spirit and the Divine Feminine in a way that feels safe and secure. She has a thriving healing practice, teaches intuitive and spiritual development, leads spiritual circles, and hosts retreats around the world.


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