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October 8 – 19, 2018

$120 Investment

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Ready to Cleanse


Enjoy an array of healthy and nutritious food during this 12 day food based cleanse. Join educator, speaker and health coach Shannon Lee Nickerson and FORM yoga & Soul Nourish Retreats owner and creative muse Mandy Roberts for a level 1 cleanse full of yoga philosophy, expert guidance, inspiration and support. This beginner friendly cleanse will feature personalized feedback, optional daily menus, tips, meditations, exercises, 100’s of recipes and inspiration right at your fingertips. It’s time to take your health and happiness into your own hands.

What are you waiting for?


Increased energy, clear skin & brighter eyes, no more cravings, decreased water retention, weight loss, balanced hormones, improved digestion, mental clarity, improved sleep, and SO much more!


We have created this interactive online experience to be extremely accessible and approachable for those brand new to cleansing.

  • An array of inspirational meditations, tips, journal prompts, physical exercises and videos posted each day to inform and guide you.
  • The structure and support to help you form new, healthy habits.
  • Complete web based cleanse, no need to show up in studio.
  • Suggestions and guidance for dining out during the cleanse.
  • Private members only Facebook Group for community support and connecting.
  • Daily feedback including menus, recipes, tips, insights and personalized guidance and support from your two expert leaders.

Due to information sharing, shopping, and preparation you must register by October 5 to be included. Because of the information sharing and intimate nature of the cleanse this purchase is non-refundable, reimbursable or transferable.

Ready to Cleanse

Shannon Lee Nickerson health wellness expert and coach


Health and Wellness Expert
Coach, Educator, and Speaker

Shannon Lee is a mountain lover, wellness advocate, and soul-driven health coach. She helps men and women learn how to identify which foods are fueling their bodies and which foods are causing inflammation, stress, and possibly dis-ease. She provides them with the tools to understand what foods and lifestyle habits work for their unique body so it is easier to make healthy choices last without feeling deprived. She specializes in working with professional women to help them reclaim their power by ditching sugar for good. Her clients consistently share they lose weight, understand their unique bodies, have more love for themselves, and more energy for their life and loved ones.

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Mandy Roberts FORM yoga owner Soul Nourish Retreats


FORM Yoga & Soul Nourish Retreats Owner
Senior Retreat Leader

As a single mom, the owner of FORM yoga and a successful retreat leader with their sister company Soul Nourish Retreats, Mandy knows a thing or two about the struggles of balanced living. As a lover and builder of community Mandy has gathered a warm and welcoming array of students and seekers looking to bring more clarity and engagement into their lives both online and live in studio. She brings a sense of support, engagement and conversation to the practice of yoga and these qualities transfer to the cleanse group through daily videos and journal prompts. Her passion for diving into life and living fully is contagious and inspiring.

Mandy’s favorite guilty pleasure is Cape Cod potato chips, a block of aged cheddar cheese and a glass of fine bio-dynamic red wine. She is a lover of ALL things food and looks forward to these cleanses a few times per year as a way to reset her own patterns and to bring a greater sense of balance into her life.

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