200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Back in May 2019 we began our first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at FORM yoga. We had an amazing group of students on the journey with us. Some were longtime FORM students ready for an intensive into the philosophy, alignment and postures of yoga, some were past FORM yoga & Soul Nourish Retreats participants looking for a deeper dive into self-development through the work with the enneagram, a couple had already gone through a 100 hour or 200 hour training but wanted more, and a few stumbled across us while looking for the training that resonated with the beat of their hearts. Most of our students had no desire to teach yoga as a career though a few were one the fence. Many wished to share the teachings with their co-workers, most wanted to simply deepen their own practice and understanding and one lovely lady wished to offer her gifts to her aging mother.

The journey we all shared while learning and practicing together was nothing short of transformational. We FORMed friendships, trust and bonds that will last a lifetime. Not only did we dive deep into the heart of yoga asana, we have dove deep into our own hearts and nestled our way into the hearts of each other. We laughed together, some cried together. We held space for each other through struggle, strength, sweetness and sorrow. We all encouraged and cheered each other on. We supported each other while laying our fears out on the mat, physically, mentally and emotionally. We learned together, flipped our stories and our worlds upside down and we stretched ourselves through fear and insecurity into the wide world of possibility. And we are doing it again!

This program was created for the dedicated student or the potential yoga teacher to to explore the depths of yoga all while being steeped in support and self-development. If you are interested in learning more about what to expect check out what some of our recent 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training graduates have to say about their experience.