Now Available – Therapeutic Massage Bed Sessions

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What is the Massage Bed?
Our massage bed creates motion along the spine which gently stretches the spinal tissues and joints to reduce stress and improve mobility. Our Therapy Room features dim lighting and an essential oil diffuser to complete the relaxing experience.

How Does it Work?
While you lie on the bed the rollers beneath the surface gently move up and down the spine. The bed features options to increase the intensity of the massage to your preference. Both heat and vibration of the bed are available so you can tailor your session to what you may need each visit.

What are the Benefits of the Massage Bed?

Stress & Tension Release
Yogis know that stress causes tension. When we experience stress, our muscles tighten causing tension. This tension can affect the nerves causing pain in many parts of the body (not just the back). Your massage bed session can physically reduce the tension in the body by helping the muscles to stretch relieving pain and pressure in the back. The ambiance of the Therapy Room makes for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Improve Mobility to Create Balance and Strength
During your massage bed session the muscles along the spine are stimulated to flex and relax. The passive stimulation of these muscles can lead to a stronger, leaner and more stable back. The lengthening movements of the rollers gently massage the vertebrae and the tissue surrounding the spine. This massage flushes the tissues increasing circulation of spinal fluids and allowing better blood flow (meaning better health) to the area.

A Few Minutes to Be & Breathe
We all live busy lives. Taking 10 minutes to step into out Therapeutic Room for a Massage Bed session is a great way to reset before or after class.

How Do I Sign Up?
We are booking Massage Bed sessions at the front desk. Currently appointments are available Monday – Friday from 4-8pm and walk ins are currently available. Each 10 minute session is $10 or you can buy a package of 5 or 15 sessions for a discounted rate. Click here to purchase a session.


women weekend retreat Elohee Retreat Center

This spring I co-lead a Women’s Weekend Retreat in the north Georgia mountains with my dear friend and sweet soul sister Shari L. Fox. Months of dreaming and planning led all 26 of us to journey northward and meet at the Dahlonega Spa Resort just 90 minutes outside of Atlanta.

Women's Weekend Retreat

A menagerie of women from all walks of life came together: mothers with their daughters, two groups of sisters, longtime friends, new friends, solo travelers, students of mine from FORM {yoga}, guests of Shari’s past retreats through Soul Nourish Retreats, and a few women who had never met Shari or myself.

As each woman arrived you could see so much beauty in their bravery. Each of them showing up with some hint of uncertainty about what the weekend will hold.

Women's Weekend Retreat

In our first circle we each selected one person we didn’t know and we sat and took turns truly listening to the other as we each told our story. Nervous laughter lifted the room when Shari announced that next that each person would introduce their new friend to the group and say a little something about them. We each took turns holding the talking stone to introduce our friend over laughter and a captive audience. This exercise in deep listening set the tone for the weekend, the ice was broken. We commenced to dive deeper into our sister souls with each passing hour.

Women's Weekend Retreat

Over the course of this weekend we connected with deeply rooted layers of trust and vulnerability. We learned together, created art together, sang together, meditated together, yoga’ed together (both on and off the mat), and had a couple of impromptu dance parties.

Together we shared wine, tears, laughter, laughter through tears (this is for Pam and all my Steel Magnolia loving friends).

Women's Weekend Retreat

We shared stories and truths in the circle, in the hot tub, and as we lay dozing off to sleep at night.

More than anything, together we showed up with pure presence, perfectly imperfect and in doing so we wove a powerful and moving experience for each woman there. We created memories, friendships and deep bonds that will last us a lifetime. And this my friends, is what life is all about.

Women's Weekend Retreat

Interested in your own magical women’s weekend? Join Shari and Mandy July 22-24, 2016 for our Summer Women’s Weekend Retreat. Check out the Soul Nourish Retreats website for more information or to register.

Big thanks to Linden Tree Photography for the beautiful images above.

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About Mandy Roberts

The inspiration and driving force behind Atlanta’s FORM {yoga} Mandy is always learning, adapting and growing. As a studio owner Mandy has built a beautiful, inclusive community that focuses on empowerment, trust and connection. As a single mom Mandy leads by example teaching her two kids to (playfully) grab life by the horns and to live life to the fullest. And as a yoga teacher and retreat leader Mandy encourages her students to face their fears while exploring humility, playfulness and laughter.