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Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed?

Having trouble falling asleep or waking in the middle of the night with anxiety?

Are you being bombarded with worrisome thoughts?

Fortunately, there is Yoga! Many studies have found that a regular and comprehensive yoga practice including movement, breath work, guided relaxation and meditation is a powerful tool for easing these and other symptoms of stress and anxiety. This offering will introduce you to a treasure chest of techniques that can help you relax the body, ease the mind and find calm.

Benefits of a Regular Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama (Breath) Practice:

  • Cultivates health through strength, mobility and flexibility of the bodily tissues releasing tightness and stored tension.
  • Increases blood flow throughout the body to strengthen the immune system, initiate self healing mechanisms, alleviate chronic pain, and increase cellular regeneration.
  • Relieves stress by cultivating mastery of the nervous system and every major bodily system –muscular and soft tissue, skeletal, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, endocrine, lymphatic & neurological.
  • We think more clearly, we experience less stress, we breathe better, we sleep better, we digest our food better and we feel better!

    What’s Included For You:

    The science behind working with the Central Nervous System and how the breath can be used to release stress and anxiety

    Exploring the Natural Breath

    Four beginner-friendly Pranayama (breathing ) techniques

    One stress melting 15 minute guided relaxation Legs Up the Wall video

    Two 40+ minute, beginner-friendly yoga classes to help you feel grounded, balanced, present, and grateful

    A 15-minute guided Yoga Nidra to relax the body & combat insomnia

    Three, simple beginner-friendly meditation practices

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    Free Sample: Exploring the Natural Breath

    We learned that the breath is the direct link to a relaxed state of being but before we change our breath we want to notice how we breathe. This video will guide you in observing your breath patterns in order to help overcome and obstacles. In these practices we always start with and come back to the Natural Breath over and over.

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