Mandy Roberts 10 Ways to Live Life Fully

1. Face your fears.
2. Always open your heart.
3. Don’t be afraid of falling.
4. Play.
5. Listen deeply.
6. Give whatever you do 100%.
7. Breathe.
8. Look people in the eye.
9. Be ok with not being perfect.
10. Don’t be afraid to get dirty

Photo by Ross Oscar Knight

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About Mandy Roberts

The inspiration and driving force behind Atlanta’s FORM {yoga} Mandy is always learning, adapting and growing. As a studio owner Mandy has built a beautiful, inclusive community that focuses on empowerment, trust and connection. As a single mom Mandy leads by example teaching her two kids to (playfully) grab life by the horns and to live life to the fullest. And as a yoga teacher and retreat leader Mandy encourages her students to face their fears while exploring humility, playfulness and laughter.