10 Ways to Live Life Fully

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1. Face your fears.
2. Always open your heart.
3. Don’t be afraid of falling.
4. Play.
5. Listen deeply.
6. Give whatever you do 100%.
7. Breathe.
8. Look people in the eye.
9. Be ok with not being perfect.
10. Don’t be afraid to get dirty

Photo by Ross Oscar Knight

About Mandy Roberts

FORM {yoga} Owner / Director

Mandy RobertsThe inspiration and driving force behind Atlanta’s FORM {yoga} Mandy is always learning, adapting and growing. As a studio owner Mandy has built a beautiful, inclusive community that focuses on empowerment, trust and connection. As a single mom Mandy leads by example teaching her two kids to (playfully) grab life by the horns and to live life to the fullest. And as a yoga teacher and retreat leader Mandy encourages her students to face their fears while exploring humility, playfulness and laughter.

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