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Our studio offers a variety of creative alignment based classes with the majority of offerings appropriate for all-levels from beginner to long-time student. At FORM we encourage our teachers to be dynamic in their teaching so each class will be a different experience for both student and teacher.  What you will find is an array of attentive and flexible (pardon our pun) teachers who will guide you into a playful and fun practice. Beginners to a yoga practice may want to check out our faq for answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Our current offerings: Note classes are listed below from the most accessible and beginner friendly to the more physically challenging and intense. If you have any questions on accessibility please email us at yogareFORMers at gmail dot com.

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DEEP PASSIVE YIN YOGA STRETCH CLASS THAT IS CREATED TO OPEN THE LESS MALLEABLE AREAS OF THE HIPS, PELVIS, AND LOWER SPINE. Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular “yang” styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. This class focus mainly on seated poses that have longer holds of several minutes that will allow the muscles to relax and stretch deeper. This style of yoga targets the connective tissues that encase your muscles and your joints which provide elasticity, plasticity and longevity for your yang practice and through regular practice, will greatly increase range of motion and joint mobility. After you have experienced Yin, even just once, you will realize that your Yang asanas are one half of your practice, hence the Yin & the Yang balance. Perfect for those looking for a deep stretch class, this is very beginner friendly and is suitable for all levels. For optimal comfort dress in layers and feel free to bring a pair of socks to keep your feet warm.

Thursday 10:00AM 75 Minute Class w/ Robin Doyon

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BACK to Basics

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THIS SLOW PACED, BEGINNER FRIENDLY CLASS EMPHASIZES POSTURES THAT CAN PROVIDE RELIEF FOR PEOPLE WITH BACK PAIN, STIFFNESS OR DISCOMFORT.  If you suffer from low back discomfort, restless leg syndrome,  sciatica, or even chronic tension headaches this may be the perfect class for you. BACK to Basics utilizes postures and movements designed to instill optimal pelvis, hip and spinal alignment while increasing flexibility, mobility and  muscle development in an effort to reduce chronic pain and discomfort. Breath work and gentle stretching of the muscles will be used to leave you feeling relaxed and ready to get BACK into the world. This class is very beginner friendly and is open to all levels.
*BACK to Basics is not intended to take the place of medical treatment. People with serious or complicated spinal injuries or disorders should seek appropriate medical advice before taking this class.
Saturday 11:30AM 75 Minute Class / Ed Daniel
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Easy Like Sunday Morning 
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THIS BEGINNER FRIENDLY CLASS MIXES THE RELAXED FLUID QUALITIES OF SLOW FLOW WITH A HINT OF YIN TO EFFECTIVELY STRETCH AND BALANCE THE BODY. Just like the Lionel Richie song, this class is chill.  Move into the gently flowing asanas with balance of both effort and ease as you greet each pose. This class will give you a hefty dose of deep stretching both in the strengthening poses and with a hint of yin (scroll up to learn about Robin’s YinFORM class). Paired with a variety of Sunday morning-inspired soundtracks, this class delivers the groove you need to prepare mentally and physically for the week ahead. Perfect for beginners, all levels and especially to athletes who need a DEEP stretch.

Sunday 11:30AM 75 Minute Class w/ Robin Doyon 

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Slow Flow


THIS BEGINNER FRIENDLY CLASS WILL CONNECT YOU TO YOUR BREATH AND YOUR INTENTION AS YOU DEVELOP STRENGTH AND ALIGNMENT TO LEARN VINYASA SEQUENCES. This slower paced vinyasa class will introduce most common vinyasa postures with a focus on proper alignment, increasing flexibility and gaining upper body  strength. Learn proper technique to safely learn the “vinyasa” sequencing of  chaturanga, upward facing dog, and downward facing dog, traditionally called a “vinyasa”. The class will also work the entire body with standing, seated and core poses along with backbends and balancing postures.  This all levels class is perfect for those who are new to yoga, recovering from injuries, or anyone looking to slow down and deepen their yoga practice. This class is beginner friendly and is open to all levels.

Monday 6:00PM 75 Minute Class w/ Jessica Quagliata

Tuesday 10:00AM 75 Minute Class w/ Ed Daniel

Thursday 12:00PM 60 Minute Class w/ Angela Beaver

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Low Flow

LOW FLOW IS THE ALTERNATIVE TO OUR SIGNATURE VINYASA CLASSES WITH LESS VINYASA AND A FOCUS ON EXPLORING MORE STATIC STANDING POSES. This class eliminates the repetitive flow that most vinyasa classes feature between chaturanga, upward facing dog, and downward facing dog, traditionally called a “vinyasa”. This class is perfect for those recovering from neck, shoulder, and wrist issues or those beginning yoga who have less upper body strength or those who have a chronic conditions that makes vinyasa sequences challenging (such a carpel tunnel, arthritis, etc). In this class you can expect very few vinyasas but still a great workout. This option will focus more on standing, seated, and core strengthening poses with a healthy dose of balancing poses and deep stretches. This class is beginner friendly and is open to all levels.

 Tuesday 7:00AM 60 Minute Class w/ Yochai Weiss 

Thursday 7:00AM 60 Minute Class w/ Yochai Weiss 
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Universal Yoga; Upper Body ReFORM 
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RELEASE THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD OFF YOUR SHOULDERS WITH THIS UNIQUE CLASS SPECIFICALLY GEARED TOWARDS FREEDOM OF THE SHOULDERS, CHEST, UPPER BACK AND NECK. This moderately paced and energetically balanced class will warm you up and grant you more mobility as you begin to explore the signature upper body asanas of Universal Yoga. This class is perfect for anyone who wishes to create more range of motion, strength, and flexibility in their upper body.  From beginners to advanced practitioners this class is suitable for all, we guarantee your upper body will thank you.

Friday 12:00PM 60 Minute Class w/ Jessie Fletcher

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Flowing Form Level 1/2 

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A MORE PLAYFUL AND FLOWING CLASS. This flowing vinyasa practice is all about the connection of the breath and asanas(poses). As we consciously move with our breath the body begins to open more expansively and effectively. The basic foundations and alignment of the pose will be taught with many opportunities to move deeper.  This class will build strength (and burn TONS of calories). The level 1/2 class is a good  progression for beginners in that the class may be lighter on the number of vinyasas. You may begin to learn to execute basic arm balance poses such as bakasana (crow) and basic inversions such as tripod headstand but modifications will always be offered. This class may be challenging for the beginner but it open to all levels

Monday 12PM 60 Minute Class w/ Angela Beaver

Tuesday 12:00PM 60 Minute Class w/ Yochai Weiss 

Wednesday 8:15AM 60 Minute Class w/ Mandy Roberts

Wednesday 6:00PM 75 Minute Class w/ Jessica Quagliata

Thursday 6:30PM 75 Minute Class w/ Robin Doyon 

Flowing Form Level 2/3

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MOVE A STEP BEYOND THE BASIC FLOWING FORM CLASS IN THIS PLAYFUL EXPLORATION OF POSTURES. Enjoy the challenges of learning new postures, arm balances and inversions all while moving and breathing to the beat of the music. This class will keep you on your toes meshing creative sequencing linking asana and breath. This class may include more challenging sequences and may explore some intermediate arm balances and inversions. Expect to sweat, burn calories, and have fun! This class may be challenging to the beginner but is open to all levels. Bring a good attitude and a willingness to learn to the mat.

Monday 8:15AM  60 Minute Class w/ Mandy Roberts

Monday 7:30PM 60 Minute Class w/ Mandy Roberts (Flowing Form + Wine)

Tuesday 6:30PM 75 Minute Class w/ Gabrielle Miotto

Friday 8:15AM 60 Minute Class w/ Mandy Roberts

Saturday 10:00AM 60 Minute Class w/ Mandy Roberts

Flowing Form 2/3 + WINE

COMMUNITY. YOGA. WINE. NEED WE SAY MORE? Do you dread Mondays? Retrain your brain to welcome the beginning of the work week with open arms! Our signature 60 minute level 2/3 Flowing Form vinyasa class with the added bonus of wine, now EVERY Monday night! Come move and groove to the beat of the music, working hard, building total body strength in preparation to open the body effectively as we hold our long, deep stretches. After class make some new friends and catch up with old friends as we finish the evening with community and wine. At FORM {yoga} we like to give you something to look forward to each week. This class may be challenging for the beginner, but is open to all levels. Wine donations are always welcome.

7:30PM 60 Minute Class w/ Mandy Roberts

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 Universal Yoga Cross Mat Level 1/2 


MOVE BEYOND THE SINGLE MAT EXPERIENCE AND MAXIMIZE YOUR PRACTICE IN THIS DYNAMIC PRACTICE. Yoga was meant to be practiced with freedom and space, why be confined to one mat? Roll out 2 mats to FORM a cross pattern in this unique and evolutionary Universal Yoga practice. Flow through balanced creative vinyasa sequencing as we turn on the mat and position our body through multiple directions. Work towards full range of mobility with the arms, legs, and spine while building strength and stamina. This proprioceptive practice works to stimulate the nervous system, increase body awareness, improve cognitive abilities along with building endurance, flexibility and strength. This level 1/2 class will work towards executing basic arm balances and inversions intermingled with strength building asanas for the entire body to create the ultimate in energetic full body activation.  Oh, and it’s super fun too!  Bring water and an extra yoga mat (we provide extra mats for those who need to borrow and extra one). This class will be challenging to the beginner but is open to all levels.

Tuesday 8:00PM 75 Minute  Level 1/2 Class w/ Jessie Fletcher

Universal Yoga Cross Mat Level 2/3 

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GO DEEPER INTO THE CREATIVE AND CHALLENGING SEQUENCES OF UNIVERSAL YOGA. This class goes a step beyond the basic Universal Yoga Dynamic Flow class to add intermediate, and advanced arm balancing and inversions and more advanced turning sequences. You won’t find a class this dynamic anywhere near Decatur, we guarantee it! The level 2/3 class is most suitable for those who have a solid foundation of vinyasa yoga. Bring water, an extra mat (we provide extra mats for those who need to borrow and extra one) and come prepared to become addicted!

Thursday 8:00PM 75 Minute Level 2/3 Class w/ Jessie Fletcher
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Power Form

GO DEEPER INTO THE POSES AND CHALLENGE YOUR PRACTICE. A more challenging and energizing practice, this strengthening class is for students looking to explore and expand their practice beyond the basics. This class is vinyasa-based and may include short tutorials on arm balances, inversions, deep backbends, and other challenging postures. The class will also include modifications and a range of options for students to work towards these postures at their current level.  You will burn calories (tons of them). You will sweat. You will work your core. You will challenge yourself.  You will transFORM your practice. Please bring a strong understanding of the fundamentals of the asanas and unpack your humility as you will experience a more intense and challenging practice.  Bring water and a small towel to soak up the sweat. At least 3 months of solid yoga practice recommended but not required.

Monday 8:15AM 60 Minute Class  / Mandy Roberts

Wednesday 12:00PM 60 Minute Class w/ Mandy Roberts

Sunday 10:00AM 75 Minute Class w/ Mandy Roberts

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Fanatic Form

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WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD IN THIS FAST PACED, PLAYFUL (AND SWEATY) CLASS!  This class format will keep you moving and grooving to the beat of the music all while building up a deep sweat, working our core muscle groups, and building an internal fire. We will work and play to increase our heart rate and burn calories as we flow through vinyasas then hold our strengthening poses while the heart rate normalizes and our muscles feel the burn. This class may include arm balances, inversions, arm balance transitions, deep backbends, and other challenging postures. Bring a friend and come prepared to challenge your mind and your body (and have fun while doing it). The last portion of the class is dedicated to DEEP stretching followed by a blissful Savasana. Leave your limitations at the door and bring water and a towel to soak up the sweat. At least 3 months of solid yoga practice recommended but not required.

Wednesday 7:30PM 75 Minute Class w/ Mandy Roberts

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